Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of Grade 1

I knew this day was coming. It's been facing us all summer long and I even looked forward to it. I felt bad that I was so eager to have E gone all day every day. After all things were going to be much quieter at home and my stress level is going to go down etc. She needs school, she needs the structure and organized activities that for some reason I can't seem to give her, or at least enough of.

So why is it that the day seems to stretch ever so long before me? Why is the house too quiet? O and J are content with their snack and a quiet activity. Why is it that within an 1/2 hour of getting home my essential chores were done and now I'm going...what are we going to do?

Why does it suddenly strike me that this is only the beginning. Before I know it, J will be in Kindergarten (next year) and O the year after that. O will be starting preschool with J this October. I have been excited at the the thought that I'm going to have 2 afternoons a week free with no kids. For the first time in 6 years? Why does that no longer seem wonderful?

I realize these are thoughts that are only for today. Tomorrow we will settle into a "school routine" and life will continue to move on. Although sometimes, I am still going to question why.


  1. *sigh* Because it wouldn't be motherhood, otherwise... (((HUGS))) You'll get through it! ;-)

  2. Hey sweet lady, I two things for you over on my blog. Come and get them!


    Teresa <><


  3. I am not there yet, but I must imagine that starting school is one of the most bittersweet milestones children reach - for the parents that is.

    I hear people say all the time that they "can't wait for school so the kids are out of the house" and I can't imagine saying that myself. But I bet I will one day, and I bet you're right... soon after that it will just be another routine.

    I'm not sure why either.

  4. Don't even start down the road of why's, as my hubby like to call it. It usually ends for me with a glass or two of wine and a heavy heart...!

  5. It's a double edged sword for sure. The first day is hard, it does get easier. (My kiddo started first grade two weeks ago).

  6. Isn't it bittersweet?? You're excited for some freedom to return to your life but at the same time, you just don't know what to do without all the kids around. I actually sat down the other day and looked at the calendar and realized that I have another year before my little twins can go off to preschool and I was actually relieved.

    I can only hope that, as other mothers have assured me, that it will get easier to adjust as time goes by.

  7. Because we have a love/hate relationship with staying home with or kids. And it all depends on the day. *hugs*


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