Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How Dumb am I?

I generally respond to comments via gmail. A habit I had gotten into because some comments just need a little extra commenting on or maybe I just need to have the last word. *l*

So I did that as usual to some of the comments I got regarding my recent purge post only to have it strike me while I was in the shower that perhaps some commenters might just not appreciate that. DUH!!! how many of us would really tell our hubbies that hey sometimes I think about my old boyfriend. OOOPS! I quickly dashed out wet and soggy determined to prewarn those that needed it.

I am hoping and crossing my fingers that those emails didn't go through or if they did that they didn't make it very far if you know what I mean.

If it has, I truly am sorry. I just wasn't thinking at all.


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