Monday, August 31, 2009

Gadget Heaven and other bits of randomness

Cell Phone Overkill

I think I've died and gone to gadget heaven. I'll admit I am a total gadget geek. This is something only newly discovered about myself. Well, I discovered this startling fact last year around this time.

You see at that time I had been lusting after a digital photo frame for a little while and my hubby delivered both a new digital picture frame plus a small MP3 player for my birthday last year and I have to say it was the most exciting presents I've had for a long time. My husband was thrilled that his wife was getting into electronics.

Plus I think you've all heard about my thing for Kindle and ebooks readers in general but can't buy because of the cost. I'm still holding on to that dream. ;)

So it was with great excitement this past weekend that my husband and I went out to purchase a smartphone. A Blackberry Curve to be exact. That was not the phone we went in for but after being assured by the clerk that the more expensive phone we had hankering for was total and utter crap, we both walked out with sleek blackberries. Mine red, his silver. Of course I would have taken pink if I could have gotten it. Of course. Oh why oh why did Blackberry discontinue their pink curve phone?

I sent my first tweet from it a couple of days ago. I have been since playing and trying to figure the various apps and tricks to getting it to work fluidly. Unfortunately, we get to find out once again the many varied things that are NOT available to Canadians. Thank you very much. I saw my blog on it for the very first time. Best of all I have this lovely neat device to send me constant email updates etc. No longer will I have to log in to see your comments or get updates on my favourite blogs, it instantly gets sent to my Blackberry. How cool is that. Of course, more often than not it's junk mail. I am looking forward to figuring out how to blog with it too. I'm having a problem getting google reader to come up well, so if any of your Blackberry users have any good tips or app recommendations, please let me know.

Know what else I discovered? The lost art of flirting with my husband. Yup. Little text messages have been flying between us like crazy. Of course, I am sure the novelty will wear off after a week or so but still, it's fun.

I read a review on how the new IPhone was all the rage but I don't like the all touch phones. My husband's gps is touch screen and I don't know how many times I press a only to have s come up. Really annoying. So a keyboard was a definite must.

So I'll admit it... Hello. My name is Zeemaid and I am gadget geek.

Do they have 12 steps for that? Back away from the phone... back AWAAAAY from the phone. *L*

Now for other bits of randomness.

The house deal fell through this weekend. Again. The buyers, who were so sure of their financing, could not get it. Good news is that we had a second showing for someone else Sunday. Hopefully we will get a good offer today or tomorrow. Cross your fingers and toes.

That I have been realizing that for a so called mommy blog, I haven't been talking much about my kids. They are still here, still alive, still driving me crazy. But more on that on another post. I think I shall entitle it "The first 6 year old to hit puberty" cause really it feels like I'm living with a 12 year old, the dramatics I tell you.

I'm not going to be blogging about the funeral on Saturday cause really, if you've been to one, you know what they are like and you all can imagine what it was like. Besides, her grief is personal and I think I ought to respect that. Thanks to all of you who have left such warm comments and thoughtful advice. It really did help me deal with my role in all of this.

Only 8 more days until back to school. Yeah. Okay, I'm not looking forward to early mornings but I am looking forward to full days for E. I think my stress load will go way down when that happens. She's the one that gets everybody hyped up in the house.

That's it for Monday. Have a great day everyone!


  1. I am chomping at the bit to get my hands on a BB Tour (my brother has one). I want an iPhone soooo badly, but I refuse to go to AT&T. So, it was the Tour or Storm - and reading all the reviews on Gizmodo and such, I'm heading for a Tour! LOL! Ugh. Let's be BB twins! Like, NOW! ;-)

  2. I am a sucker for a gadget, too! I really really want a netbook...

  3. My husband hates that I'm not into gadgets. He got me an iPhone last Christmas and I could not figure it out for the life of me. I'm STILL learning new things that it can do but yeah the touch screen can be irritating! I never really send e-mails from it b/c of that.

  4. Hey if any of you stay at home moms (or dads!!) are looking for a much needed get away look no further

  5. Oh, I HATE my husband's Blackberry he has for his work! It is constantly making one sound or another. One means he has an email, one means he has a text, another screams he has a call coming in and so on and so on. Then, just when I get those tones figured out, he changes them all just to confuse me, or so it seems! ;0) I literally HATE it! LOL! He comes in EVERY evening still talking on it. I have come to the conclusion that if there isn't a radical intervention soon, his Bluetooth is going to grow to his ear! No really, it is! He honestly loves talking on the phone, any phone, for almost any reason, while I truly despise it. Oh well, I guess there could be worse vices, no?

    I'm sorry your deal fell through on your house. I really am. I need to read back and find out why you are selling. Hopefully, you will get an even sweeter deal REALLY soon.

    Our girls started back to school a couple of weeks ago. I really wish ours didn't start 'til after Labor Day. This short summer stuff stinks. One of my daughters is a senior this year and I am having a really hard time dealing with that. I am already dreading the 'empty nest syndrome' and we will still have one at home!

    Please know I'm still praying for your friend who lost her precious son and for you as you help her. It is just such a sad tragedy. I know you are such a blessing to her. Did y'all end up going to the birthday party at McDonald's last week?

    Well, I hope the rest of your week with your kiddos is great. I hope to 'see' over at my blog again really soon!


    Teresa <><

    30 Things You May Not Know....

  6. Congratulations on the new phone. The Husband got me the Blackberyy Storm last Christmas. I'm still trying to figure it out. Perhaps you can tutor me?
    I'm sorry to hear about the house. Fingers crossed.

  7. Just stopping in from SITS to say HI! Great Blog! I'm a total tech geek as well.

    Happy Tuesday! Come over and check out my "5 DAYS OF GIVE-A-WAYS"!

  8. I have an iPhone (not the new one even though I just got it) and I love it. I can blog on it with an app. You can probably get an app for your phone too. I have a hard time accessing my reader too so what I do is I go to dashboard on blogger, then manage (the blogs I follow) and read them through there.

    Pink anything should never be discontinued.

  9. Okay. How does twitter really work?! I have an account and technically I *can* tweet, but how do you participate in all of the conversations?!

    I wanna be a gadget geek when I grow up :(

  10. Hubs has had a BB for work for years, and I hated it. It was like the other woman in our marriage. I even named "her"...Dolores. BUT, then he bought me an iPhone for my b-day and now I CANNOT live without it. So, he has named it Morris.

    Morris and Dolores living happily ever after!

    So sorry about your house!

  11. I like the cartoon you posted. Very funny but true!

    I'm also a self-proclaimed gadget geek myself. Within two years, I have purchased a digital camera, desktop PC, laptop, LCD TV, and features-heavy cellphone.

    Here's to advancement of technology! :)


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