Thursday, July 16, 2009

Post called on account of Rain?

Oh, I am not talking about the weather. It's actually quite nice here lately. What I am talking about is the fact that my son likes to play with balls... in the house. What I am talking about is the fact that if I had gotten up off my arse at the first ball throwing incident instead of uselessly telling my son not to throw the ball in the house things might have turned out different. Then again... probably not ... knowing my son.

Yesterday morning I was sitting at the kitchen table as usual checking my email. My son comes running into the kitchen and hucks a tennis ball at the toaster on the counter. I don't think he was actually aiming for the toaster but who knows what's going on in the brain of a 2 year old. Ball bounces off, I tell him not to throw the ball in the house. He runs off. This is where I should have gotten up and confiscated the ball and tossed it outside and the 2 year old with it.

Instead, I commence reading and posting more comments. Five minutes later my son, egged on by his sister no doubt, comes running into the kitchen and again tosses the ball at the toaster. This time the ball bounces off the counter, onto the kitchen table, up against the wall where it bounces back onto the table and with one more bounce smack into my water glass which promptly fell over spilling the contents over the keyboard of my laptop.

Looking back I am sure I could have done something to have stopped that ball but it was like one of those frozen moments in time where you look at the action going on in horror and react with a noooooooooo only... IT's. TOO. LATE.

Of course, I promptly tipped my keyboard upside down and chased my son down, tossed said ball of destruction out the door and read him the riot act. Okay, I may have spanked. I know, I know spanking is bad but I'm being honest here. (don't shoot me).

I call my husband in tears after I had the forethought to actually unplug and turn the laptop off. He asked... "Did it go poof, like sparks and smokes?" Me: "Um no." He: "That's a good sign then."

So we are drying it out. I had to wait until tonight at work before I could even check my email. I've totally been on Internet withdrawal all day. I had 73 emails. 73. Well, 95% was spam. I wasn't able to frequently purge all the junk out of my mail box all day so I had to deal with it all at once. Yeah, I know, I like to whine.

Meanwhile the prognosis is optimistic. I'll let you know tomorrow.

Beware the ball.


  1. You handled that better than I probably would have! The precious computer! Nooo! I'm glad it wasn't ruined

  2. Ugh. I am soooo glad your computer is fine! Even if 90% of your emails were spam, just the seeing 73 emails in the inbox would have made me blow a fuse all over again! LOL!

  3. He's right. If it didn't smoke and spark, that's a good sign. Now when you have internet withdrawals, do you cuddle on the couch in fetal position shaking or do you pace trying to climb the walls?


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