Saturday, July 4, 2009

It's Like Magic. Take 3 Cranky Kids....

Take 3 cranky kids, fill one pool and you've got a recipe for a peaceful afternoon. It's absolutely amazing how one small thing can change the course of the day.

I had been trying to get some things done around the house. The kids were constantly in and out the door. If Papa came down and was in the yard, well they were happy as flies on poop to follow him around "helping" him garden. The minute he went back upstairs they were in... bored. Now they weren't complaining they were bored but I assume that they had reached this heady state because instead of actually going and playing with a toy, E proceeded to get down on all fours and bark/growl/squeal/scream at J & O while they ran away from her shrieking.

I know I have 3 kids. I know children can be loud but this kind of noise drives me crazy to the point where I can't even think to myself. Not to mention someone usually ends up hurt when they start these kinds of games and it's inevitable that whining is soon to follow.

So I'm thinking it's a warm day, better fill up the wading pool. So I go outside, they don't even notice I'm gone, and fill up the pool. Then I notice that our castle slide is about the same height as the wading pool, I drag it over so that if they go down the slide then they land smack in the middle of the pool. Cool thinking mom.

Sure enough the minute they see what I've done I've got three naked kids standing in my living room waiting to get suited up and bursting with energy to try the wet slide. I actually managed to capture it on video.

They stayed outside ALL DAY. They ate their lunch at the picnic table and didn't even have to come in to wash their hands because I took an plastic bucket outside with warm soapy water for them to wash up in. Then it was back to playing in the pool.

The funny thing is J doesn't like to get that wet. She's very cautious and approaches the water very tentatively but I let her take bath time Dora outside and that was enough to get her interested in the pool. E took out her waterbaby and O not to be outdone by his sisters had to have a little hard plastic baby to toss down the slide too. It was very cute.

O came in for his nap, I changed the pool water and the girls stayed outside and played, played, played, played. There was next to no arguing, no "MOOMMMMMYYYYY (insert child's name) is bugging me." Nothing. I was able to get my notes done, purchase E's birthday present online, do up my grocery list and fold clothes all while keeping a watchful eye on them, of course.

Lately the only other time I've achieved this almost Zen like peace is when I'm filling them with food. Which, of course, only lasts while their mouths are full and their tummies are empty.

But will it work tomorrow?


  1. It's so true! Pools have a magical effect on children.

  2. the magic of water heheeh wish you a good day passed from sits

  3. Great thinking on the slide! You rock! I heart kiddie pools.


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