Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm Just a Rambling Rose

That title just popped into my head because there is no specific theme today and I intend to just ramble on a little with several updates.

What else do you do when an odd phrase pops into your head? You wiki it. Here's what I found out... Rambling Rose is a popular theme and title of several songs sung by the likes of Dean Martin, Nat King Cole and even the Beatles. I knew it was familiar.

Anyways on to the updates.

Root Canal - It went surprisingly well. I felt very little discomfort once the freezing wore off. However, the next stage is in September and apparently takes an 1 1/2 so I don't think I will be so lucky. They do it in two stages to give me a chance to fight the infection first.

House - we finally had enough and decided to cancel our listing with our agent. We have only shown the house 2 x since the deal fell through. The very next day we get a call about a showing from his office for Friday. We say yes. He immediately phones us and says no we can't show the house we have no contract. Sigh. So we agree to postpone the cancellation until after the Friday showing to give it that one more chance. Murphy's law right? We have been trying to cancel this guy for 2 weeks. The last time it was because he had interested buyers that were waiting for their subjects tos to be removed. Well the deal fell through for them so they won't come and see the house. Fudgecicle.

My FIL has prostrate cancer and is set for surgery in early September. So timing was critical. Now I can't see us being able to sell and move before that happens. Too much stress. All around. Sigh.

We are in the middle of a heat wave. We never get this hot in B.C. but it's been non stop for the past week. My store does not have air conditioning so it's sweatsville. No wonder customers can barely stand to come in. It's to the point that we end up bringing the kids inside and setting up a movie cause it's just too hot outside. Hopefully this will break soon. I know what to do.. schedule a camping trip. That is a surefire way to guarantee rain. right? Cause we need it. We had a recent thunder and lightning store which started all sorts of forest fires. Scary stuff, forest fires.

Only 2 weeks to my brother's 40th birthday. I have no idea what to get him. Usually we don't do much for presents or rather he doesn't do much for us for presents *LOL*

Anyways that's my main updates for today. I hope you all have a marvelous Thursday. I will be cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Sigh. ;)


  1. Stopping by from SITS to say hello. Glad to hear the root canal went okay. They are never fun...

  2. Dropping by from SITS to say hello! Glad your root canal went ok.

  3. I like the title. I hope your heat wave breaks soon. Here in AZ, we're used to it. Your root canal gives me hope. As I said before I haven't seen a dentist in years, and I plan on finding on this year. I'm scared.

  4. hey sitsah. Your blog is so great. Did someone create the template for you. I'm trying to figure out how to make mine 3 columns. I'm so new to this all. I love your signature too.

    ok i'm going to read more. whoot whoot

  5. Well, the bright side is your root canal went well right? Geez! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the house and FIL. Keep us updated. :)


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