Thursday, July 2, 2009

I am a Crow

Not so long ago.. okay who I am kidding it was quite some time ago exactly how long I will not get into.... when I too wanted to be a princess and dreamed of glass slippers, pretty dresses, fancy balls and prince charming. Let's face it Prince Charming was at the end of the list. Like all girly girls, I was more concerned in what I was wearing than who I may potentially be marrying.

Having two girly girls the princess tradition continues. I love to help them adorn their finery, hunt up their scarves, matching shoes and pretty bows for their hair. I have attempted countless princess hair dos only saved by the fact that everything is beautiful in their little eyes. Some times they would let me play. Okay.. sometimes they would beg and plead and whine until I gave in and played.

Me, however, I have turned from the once beloved, dare I say beautiful, princess to being the villain. My descent it was true was gradual. It started first with being the wicked, but beautiful, stepmother while E traipsed about in her Cinderella rags refusing (that's my girl) to clean the house.

Then after Barbie Diamond Castle, I became the evil, yet startlingly beautiful purple and green dragon who was intent on chasing down and capturing my two beauties. O got to be a baby dragon.

My villainous career has reached it's peak yesterday when E oh so carelessly with a stroke of her invisible fairy wand changed my role from evil fairy to crow. A small black crow with a vicious beak that wants to eat the fairies and butterflies. Fortunately I have bad aim and so far my kill record is Nil. Sigh.

It's an odd thought that we as moms may just have reached the pinnacle of fantasy land and have been replaced by our own fairy princess daughters. Their dreams, their inspirations become ours as we supervise their growth through these magical years.

Yet, is it silly of me to long for those pretty sparkly, pink things? There is still a little part of me that wishes I could still pull on that frou frou princess dress and wave my princess wand. Instead, I am a crow.


  1. I can realte, although I was never much of a "Princess" and more of a tomboy, there was atime when I cared how I looked and actually wore make up...
    Today, for once when I got dressed, I chose cute jeans and a snug fitting black top, and thought to myself "I look sexy" and allowed myself to feel good and pretty for awhile. Until my daughter decided to point out that "Your pants make your tummy squish out of your pants like pudding"...

  2. I try to encourage invisible bad guys that we slash with our light sabers or swords. Evan perfers to be the bad guy because he likes them. I wonder if I should be worried.
    On another note, I do own some adult size fairy wings if you like to borrow them. I'm sure I have a tiarra somewhere.


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