Sunday, June 21, 2009

What Makes My Husband A Delicious Daddy - A Father's Day Tribute

This is something I had published in the Yummy Mummy Club Newsletter last Father's Day and thought I'd repost it in honour of my husband for this year's Father's Day. Even though we've had a really tough year, it's even more true today and it's good for me to remember how good I actually have it.

Fatherhood automatically makes our men more delicious than ever. After all, what woman doesn’t go soft at the sight of her man playing with his son or daughter.

Sometimes I worry too much about me being taken for granted that I am blind to all that my husband does for me. He has always been a “hands-on” dad from the day we brought our first baby home. I was a little worried at first because he didn't want to change E's bum in the hospital. I thought OMG this is a sign of things to come but no, he was just nervous to do it in front of the nurses. When we got home, he more than made up for his share in bum changing.

When our second child was born, he promptly rose to the occasion and took over most of the care of our toddler, E, so I could tend to the baby, even getting up at night. He used to sleep through night time crying but all of a sudden he starting waking up when E would cry.

He always makes sure he carries the groceries in for me. At the mall, he’s always the one to take back the cart. Our oldest child recently went into the backseat of the van but she can’t buckle herself in yet so we have to climb into the middle aisle, past two car seats and do it for her. I was apologizing to him for him having had to do it, he was surprised I'd apologize and told me but that was his job, to make things easier for me. For me. He's 6'5" climbing down the narrow center aisle of a mini van to make things easier FOR ME.

When there is anything unpleasant to be done, he does it. I found a bottle of formula in the diaper bag that had been forgotten. It had leaked and gone mouldy. I didn’t have to ask, he simply took the bag from me and cleaned it out. You see, he knows I gag easily at gross sights and smells. He will be the first one to jump in and wash out the coolers when we've come back from the beach, rinse out shoes, wash off the toys, you name it.

When I went back to work full-time evenings, he re-arranged his schedule so he could get off an hour early so he’s home in time for me to leave. He has completely absorbed himself into his evening parent role making sure the kids are bathed and put to bed on time. Dishes from supper are clean and put away by the time I get home.

He helps with the laundry. So he’s not that great at getting it put away, but at least we have clean clothes. I haven’t had to vacuum my house in months. That is a job he has taken on, unasked. He washes walls, he cleans behind things. I never clean behind things. Ugh.

Then just recently, he made the ultimate sacrifice for me. He shaved off his mustache for me. He’d had this mustache for the past 14 years. I so badly wanted him to shave it off. It was bugging me and bugging me. I had been working on him about it, subtly of course ;). One night I came home from work and it was gone. I think I just about fell in love with him all over again right then and there.

Is my husband so unusual? I’d like to think that he’s the norm out there but in many ways I know he’s pretty special. We still have fights over the craziest things but in the end I am secure in the knowledge that he loves me, unconditionally and is always there making things easier for me. Can a daddy get any more delicious than that?


  1. What an awesome guy! He definitely sounds like a keeper!

  2. Cute post. I'm so glad you have a wonderful husband and your kids have a wonderful dad.

  3. He sounds incredible!!! Hope he had a wonderful Father's Day!

  4. I'd say that you hit the hubby lottery. Hope Father's Day was everything he deserved.

  5. If he's made of solid milk chocolate, then yes, he CAN get more delicious. ;-)

    Great tribute to your hubby! I hope you all enjoyed Father's Day!


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