Friday, June 12, 2009

Well things are never smooth

Because of time pressures we are in a frantic struggle to get our taxes done (being self employed you get to file them later) and get approval so we can buy the house.

This is easier said than done. If we had gotten our stuff into the accountant sooner, if they hadn't sat on it for the last two weeks, if we had a magic wand to stop time... this would have made life a wee bit easier.

What does not make life easier is that the accountant figures we owe about $8,000.00 between the two of us in taxes and pension. Yup. *heavy sigh* It has taken me the last half hour to just calm down enough to even wrap my head around it. This is on top of the previous $5,500.00 tax bill. And it's all due Monday.

So rather than cry and whine... again ... to you all. I think I'm going to crawl off into a little corner on my own for a little while. I probably won't be posting this weekend. ;(

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