Thursday, June 25, 2009

That's it! I'm renaming my blog!

to the Poop Diaries. I realize that you are all still reeling from my clever and witty post on poop yesterday (Did I mention how modest I am?)

Can we say enough with the poop already?????

Apparently O did not get the memo. Of course, if I had not of been on the computer trying to blog this may never have happened.

J: "E come see something gross outside"
E: goes running outside
Me: thinking I should stop what I'm doing and go check it out
E: comes running inside "mom, there's poop outside"

Sure enough there's a little naked O standing outside and there's the poop. Only it's squished poop. OMG what is that between his toes. Yup. Poop again. Off to the tub, scrub, scrub, clean, clean. Lecture, Lecture. I know lecturing a 2 year old is about as useful as eating dirt.

Where are the little tattle tales when you need them? "Mommy, O hit me. Mommy O's touching my shoes, Mommy E's taking my dolly." Did I hear a "mommy, o's taking off all his clothes and pooping on the sidewalk and stepping in it." No. Arrrgh.

Hmmm The Poop Diaries. That does have a nice ring to it.

Oh and for all of those laughing your ass off... well if you've done and been through it, you've paid your dues and earned that right. For those of you with wee little babies... just. you. wait. MWAAAA HAAA HAAA oh and don't forget to post about so I can laugh. ;)

*BTW I don't mind the laughs... it really is funny after the fact and boy am I going to remind them about this when they get older heh heh*


  1. I'm sorry, I was giggling...but than I had a little boy who occasionally pooped outside :)


  2. Okay, okay, okay. These past two posts have definitely scared me straight. I will encase my son in an indestructible plastic bag that will be removed once he finally grows up and leaves my house.



  3. Gotta love the poop stories! Keep 'em coming.

  4. Peeing outside I get... but poop? EW!

    Thanks for the chuckle!

  5. LOL
    You got to love potty training. I haven't had that many poop issues. Jinx. But that's how I got all my penis stories.

  6. see even just saying "penis stories" is funny. *L*


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