Friday, June 5, 2009

Phew but this is just the beginning

It's still a little hard to believe that after all this time our house is finally sold. We still have one week for the conditions to come off the offer but unless the guy can't obtain financing I think it's a shoe in.

Would you believe that the person who is buying our home hasn't even stepped foot in it? He had a "representative" go through it for him. I have no idea what relation these people are to him but we had gotten the impression the house was for her and her family. Doesn't matter, really. It's just interesting to note.

It's amazing to think that I won't have to run around cleaning the house for one more showing. I can actually let my house get good and grungy. Okay, I don't like grungy. It's messy now and it's driving me crazy already after one day.

I decided to tackle my first big project today and that was get my daughters' closet under control. It seems like there was never enough time to properly deal with the mountain of clothes they outgrow and I would end up just stashing them in their closet. But with summer coming along (we've actually been experiencing a heat wave here) I need to find their summer clothes, see what fits E this year and what I can pass on to J, cause seriously money is so tight there is none for clothes.

Anyways, I managed to get E's dresser drawers sorted out and have amassed a pile of clothes to be put away for next year. So it's a good thing. It's just that while I'm sorting and organizing, the house is a chaotic mess because, of course, you get interrupted like a 100 times to the tune of "mOOOOOMMMMMmmm". Some days I'm tired of hearing that name.

And this is just the beginning for the two months. I think I will have to start checking our Organize with Sandy's page some more... maybe she has something about moving. :)


  1. You and me both. I've got drawers full of baby clothes that are spilling out onto the floor because I can't get a grip on what fits anymore!

    I'm still so excited that your house sold! AGGHH!

  2. That is kinda wierd that the person buying the home didn't actually see it in person.

    I totally need to get our home organized! It's such a mess...makes me feel all chaotic sometimes.

  3. Let the packing begin!


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