Monday, June 1, 2009

Kids - You Need Eyes in the Back of Your Head

Or may be you just need to never take your eyes off of them. 

Along the back of our house runs a cement sidewalk.  It's a great place for them to ride their bikes, albeit in single line formation, but it's better than riding on the grass.  It's also great for them to push themselves along in their Little Tikes Cozy Coupes. 

So I'm sitting in my chair, just off to the side trying to flip through a gluten free recipe book when I look up.  There is little J, sweet little J, all prettified in her yellow summer dress and floppy summer hat, straddling the top of the cozy coupe like a frog.  To be absolutely clear, she was lying flat on top of the car.  The car was being pushed by O at a very fast speed towards the cement wall.   I yell out... "Oh My GOD"  sorry G... it just slipped out in the moment.  I jump up and race towards them as J flies off the front of the coup and lands head first .... fortunately on top of their frog sandbox.  She's crying, I'm just about crying cause I stepped on like 10 rocks while I was running.  I hold her tight and all I can think of... "what if she had landed on the cement and not the plastic frog top."  

I took her inside, calmed her down, hugged her and talked to her about not doing dangerous things like that and explained that she could have been really hurt.  As it was, she was lucky she didn't land on her neck the wrong way.  I hugged her close again and tried not to tear up. 

As mothers I am sure you can all appreciate that one close call that just about scared your socks off, how you feel guilty because if you were watching them just a little closer that would never have happened... like the time J fell off the back of the couch, hit her head and required 8 stitches.  Bad mommy.  Bad mommy.  

My philosophy is that I can't be a hoverer.  Nor do I want to, I want to be able to accomplish some other things in my life while I trust them to play.  Unfortunately, kids are kids and wild ideas will always enter their tiny, mischievous little brains.  

Thank fully, we were lucky this time.  Phew.  I just thank God he had his hands on them again and pray he continues to watch out for them because Lord knows I need some help. 


  1. You're braver than me. I say I try to not be a hoverer but that's horsecrap. I hover every chance I get. She still falls though. You're probably right though, I bet God has saved her a gazilion times already and I just need to trust him a bit more.

  2. The first thing I thought when I read your blog was how your daughter must have been having the time of her life. She probably thought she was flying. I remember those days myself and they were wonderful. It's not to say that it wasn't scary because you probably aged about 10 years seeing that happen but at least you are letting your kids be kids and not hovering and keeping them in a bubble. They should be able to experience things and figure out the consequences. You're a great mom. Let them be kids. You keep them from the greatest dangers: pool and predators. Unlike a lot of parents these days who associate with them and then they take their kids, for example nevaeh. Her mom let her play outside by herself (age 5, way to young) and someone her mom knew took her. Her mom was friends with a couple of registered predators. You are keeping them safe while letting them grow up and have fun while doing it. Keep up the good work, take pics.

  3. I have a daughter with a 9 month old and a sister with a 15 month old they are completly different while one is laid back and easy the other is hovering and woried all the time. THis makes them both great momies in my book

  4. I felt this post all the way. You are a wonderful mom. And I also thank God that He takes care of our kids in the moments we so need Him to!


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