Saturday, June 6, 2009

In over my head

I think I am in over my head.

I have just spent the past two days attempting to sort through J and E's outgrown clothing. I have made some headway but OMG was it ever difficult and my entire house looks like a tornado hit it. There is not a room you can walk into that is okay.

What made me think that I was possibly going to be able to do any sort of organizing with the terrible three around. E was actually gone this afternoon and it didn't get any easier (usually she's the volcano around here). Oh no, I think I have whiplash from how many times I had to pop up to either fetch a snack, a drink, put shoes on, settle an argument, stop O from eating a bug, close the door, tell them not to throw rocks on the lawn, make O put shoes on again, push O & J on the swing, close the door, insist on O and J wearing their helmets, confiscate said bike until O puts on helmet, close the door, attempt 7 times over a half hour period to get O to nap until I gave up, had the inlaws sitting in my messy dung heap of a kitchen for over an hour on my laptop looking at homes, close the door, while I go and wrangle outside with my kids once again over wearing their helmets, gluing coloured rice to paper, teaching O not to eat food coloured rice covered in glue..... and sort 5 drawers of clothes, pack one bag into keep, one bag into recycle and the other back in the box because I am just too freaking tired to deal with it.

Top that off that I practically dragged half my clothes out of my closet onto my bed because I was looking for a lost pair of shorts, which I never found, and I never had time to put back because the terrible three were tormenting each other outside and Nana was on the deck reporting back to me all what they were up to while I, bad mommy was in my room TRYING to get dressed all while telling them to just wait a minute until mommy got dressed.

Don't you hate those days you can't even go pee by yourself? I find myself craving that small piece of privacy to get dressed, pee and poop, shower ALL BY MYSELF. I am at almost freaking level with my husband. I lock the door, he actually uses the nail to unlock it. He just HAS to come in the bathroom while I'm in there. ARRG.

To be fair this is our main bathroom that we use. The other one just has a toilet and for some strange reason none of us like to use it. It gets dirty from lack of use. Did you know toilet water still goes black and moldy if you don't use it? Yup.

If this is some sort of foreshadow of what it's going to be like the next two months, I just may not survive. No, I'm serious. Somebody may end up sitting on the curb with a "free to good home" sign and it may just be me!


  1. I'm sitting here nodding my head....reading this is like reading an excerpt from my own life.

    It seems like everytime I try to go through our closets and clean them out, the aftermath ends up looking worse....clothes everywhere, toys's just a mess. And yeah getting interrupted by the kids constantly makes it even worse.

    I always ask my husband "why are you entitled the luxury of going to the bathroom by yourself for a whole 20 minutes....what do you even do in there for a whole 20 minutes??!!" Maybe I don't really wanna know that but there's a little bit of resentment there, ya know?

  2. Well, I can't relate with the hubby needing to be in the bathroom at the same time (apparently my husband draws the line at our lives 'being one' when it comes to the bathroom), but everything else? Amen.

  3. Haha, we have two unused bathrooms and I found out the hardway the toliets still get dirty.... gross!

  4. This just reminded me how long it's been since the last time I "cleaned out" our closets. And even then it was really just moving clothes into the basement to sort and give away later. I may never enter the basement again...

  5. I too beg for an explanation as to the nature of Hubby's trips to the bathroom. I can't pick my nose (not that I do, 'cause I so don't) without an audience. So, him going to the crapper alone and then staying in there for an extended period is just annoying. Anyway, hope you made it through your sorting:)

  6. Ah, so it's not just my husband who takes forever in the bathroom. It makes me wonder if men might have some kind of muscular deficiency in that department. I will go no further with that.

    As for bathroom interruptions, my husband doesn't usually bother me, but my kids do. Especially my daughter. She just has to tattle on her brother regardless of what I'm doing. Even through a closed bathroom door.

    And one of my cats (Sam, our youngest) sometimes will scratch at the door wanting to come in with me. It sounds like he's trying to come through the door. He's such a mama's boy.


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