Saturday, June 27, 2009

1 in 4 Women Misread Pregnancy Test

Have you seen this commercial from Clearblue for their digital pregnancy monitor

1 in 4 Women Misread Their Pregnancy Test

I say....

1 in 4 women need to go back to school.

I mean seriously.


  1. Actually, I bet its more than 1 in 4. Because the test leaves an evaporation line which can look like a positive when in fact it's just the antibody line that's on all pregnancy tests. (The line is what hcg "sticks" to, turning it pink or blue.) If you google evap lines, you'll seet ons of images of what look like positives but are actually negative evap lines. Its especially hard when you're desperately trying to conceive and your hopes get raised for nothing.

  2. you're right. I hadn't thought about that...I had been through all that myself but I do remember that usually that evaporator line showed up if you look at the test later than the pre-requisite 5 minutes. If the line is that faint then you're probably testing too early. Wait a couple of days and re-test.

    I still think the commercial is silly, making us think that we need it spelled out for us literally.

  3. I had more of a difficult time reading those darn ovulation predictor sticks...I'd always pee on them and spend hours examining it to figure out if the test line was darker than the control line. UGH.

    The pregnancy tests were no problem for me. I know a negative when I see it, unfortunately. When I finally did have a positive pregnancy test, I knew within the first 30 seconds. No matter how light the line was a freakin line!!!!!

  4. I've never had a problem reading pregnancy tests. I was always a week late so the damn positive line was there before I even finished peeing.

  5. That's funny. Maybe they misread because they are either too excited or too terrified. That really cracked me up.

    Visiting from SITS tonight. I like your template!

  6. Maybe she's just to excited or afraid of what the result might be so she misread the pregnancy test kit. Aaaiyts.

  7. according to the survey of America many women misread their pregnancy test.I don't know why,

  8. We cant deny the fact that there are lots of women who misread pregnancy test. We really need to assure if we are really going to be a mother by trying some methods like elisakit. It helps to identify the substances in our body as well as to tell if we are pregnant or not.

  9. I hate that commercial. I think it is demeaning and makes gullible women buy their product. I can understand women who are trying staring at negatives hoping for a line, but in that case, you just need to retest in the morning and see if there is a change. So you're not misreading, you're just convincing yourself something might be there. When it is positive, it is positive, and I don't get how that people would mess that reading up.


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