Friday, May 29, 2009

Wow, affordable maternity clothes!

I so wish I had found this site when I was pregnant. The biggest problem I had was buying affordable maternity clothes. Well, let's make that cute affordable maternity clothes. At the big box office, we'll name no names but it starts with a 'W', the maternity clothes either didn't fit me properly or were hideous.

I remember driving 2 hours to the nearest big city to do some maternity clothes shopping and couldn't really afford to buy much once we got there. Of course with the first baby if you're working full time you can afford to splurge a little.

At Kikis Fashions the pants, really adorable capri style, start at $21.99. The most expensive pair of pants was $26.99 for boot cut jeans. I don't know about you but I was looking at a minimum of $40.00 to buy any type of maternity pants.

They have everything from tops to bottoms to some really adorable dresses and even plus sizes. There is also an under $10.00 and clearance section.

Their styles are cute and trendy and nothing like I've seen before. Their colours range from the old standby black to vibrant blues, pinks and mauves. Their prices are much lower than other mainstream maternity boutiques, often up to 75% lower. Their stock is rotated often so it's always good to go back and check out the fresh new stock often. Seriously, I'd like to order some clothes for myself and am wondering if anyone would notice that it was maternity. Cause unless you have the "bump", really how could you tell? Believe it or not, that photo at the top of this post is only $9.99.

So are you expecting or, know anyone that's expecting? Bloggers and Friends of bloggers receive an exclusive 20% off! Just use coupon code "blogfriends" during checkout to apply.

Click here to get started maternity clothes


  1. It's hard to find cute maternity wear so it's good you found a cute and comfortable brand.

    KIWI Magazine

  2. I am glad I found your blog! I am newly pregnant and have been shopping for affordable maternity clothes! Thanks!

  3. Love to read this post!! I would like to buy cute maternity dress at affordable price... Thanks for the link!!


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