Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Firsts

First Birthday

First Trip to a Wiggles Concert in Vancouver (After the Concert)

First Ice Cream

First Camping Trip
(Ask how many nights we stayed? Answer: Only 2, it was that BAD)

First Halloween Trick or Treating
She was supposed to be Boo from Monster's Inc
First (and Last) time Mommy made a homemade costume

First Bike Ride

She literally emptied the contents of both
Hubby and my drawers and dressed herself

First Car
BTW, hubby said I could only post photos of the kids if they were unrecognizable. Which is why I'm posting lots of younger baby type photos because my children look quite a bit different nowadays. I gotta follow the rules cause every once in a while he checks up on me or peeks over my shoulder. *L*


  1. Happy Birthday!!

    I can see flowers to the top and left side but too wide on the right to see background.

  2. I love these pictures!! What a beautiful kiddo you have :)

  3. Such adorable pictures!

  4. LOL! You're totally following the rules then!

    BTW, the first thing I thought when looking at your daughter's 1st b-day pic? "I want cake!"


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