Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Voip Home Phone


Still looking for a way to cut your bills?  It seems these days that the best bet to lower your phone bills is to go through one of the internet programs, which is why I am reviewing the Voip Home Phone site.

It certainly seems to be a great site.  There are several plans available to fit your needs like the Basic Plan which gives you 500 local and long distance minutes anywhere within the U.S., Canada or Puerto Rico, unlimited inbound calls, and a free router.   Plus you get free call waiting, caller id etc. 

Also, you get to keep your existing phone number and there is no annual contract for $9.99 a month.  That’s pretty good.  Of course, if you are a chatty Kathy then you may need something like their Premium Unlimited plan which gives you limited local and long distance calls and a variety of other free services all for $19.99 a month.  There are many other services offered as well such as Global Cellphone, faxes to your email, Softphone etc.

That’s pretty good.  Right now we’re paying on average $95.00 a month what with all the service and long distance charges we are being assessed right now.  We just called our telephone company and got ourselves put on a $40.00 a month plan to help cover the long distance.  That’s on top of the basic service fee of $25.00.  So the Voip Home Phone is starting to look like a very good idea.

As always I’d recommend you look into any specific Voip provider before signing up by checking out Voip provider reviews. 

Things to keep in consideration:

Price:  Voip providers are very competitive.  Always compare the price with the services provided.  Some companies provide more services than others.

Quality:  choose providers that are rated highly by their reviewers. 

Functionality:  What are you looking to get out of a Voip service?  Do you want things more complicated like conference calling?  If so, then be sure to look for reviews that refer to those specific applications.

Customer Service:  You want to be assured that you will have excellent customer service should you need it.   So make sure you read any and all negative reviews.  Are they few and far between, do they seem like a one time thing or is it a consistently reoccurring complaint.

Overall Rating:  This will tell you how much satisfaction a Voip customer has with any  company in general.

*Should be noted that the term Chatty Kathy is a saying in my home and not meant to refer to any actual Kathys I may know* ;)

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