Sunday, May 31, 2009

Real Estate Update

Okay so it's come down to two houses for these people.  Ours and another one further down our street.  Only the other house is $80,000.00 less than ours.  Crap.  Apparently they love our house, think it's gorgeous and will be making a decision soon. 

I hope so because I am going to be crushed when they take the other house.  I mean $80,000.00 less.  Who knows what these people can really afford. 

Our house has R.V. parking, the other doesn't
Our house has higher quality finishings, the other is nice but nothing fancy
Our house has a larger yard
Our house has a 3 bedroom basement suite and a 4 bedroom upstairs
Our house is 700 + sqft bigger
Our rooms are bigger

The other house has a nature trial behind and beside it so more privacy. 
It's cheaper

Can't say much more not having been in the other house.  Of course, I am biased. I do have a nice house.  

Still I'm clinging to the positives and praying they can afford our house and will make us an offer by tomorrow.  



  1. I know how you're feeling. Not to be a downer, but we had a family choose a house over ours that had no updates (we've put in ceramic tile floors, ceiling fans, chandelier, new counters, etc.) and a smaller master bedroom. :-/

    I hope they choose yours. Sometimes the higher price is worth it.

    Are y'all moving to another city or state? Or do you just need a different/bigger house?

  2. Well, let's just hope that the fact that your home has more upgrades and is much larger will appeal to them!!!! I know that would definitely appeal to me! They could spend $80,000 alone in remodeling the other house, kwim? Why do that when they could just spend the extra money and have the home already in perfect shape?

  3. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you guys!

    And even if your house costs more, it's only because
    your house has more to offer! More space, more everything! That is worth some moolah, you know! ;-) Good luck!


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