Monday, May 18, 2009

Long Weekend

Well, if you're Canadian, you may just be enjoying a long weeken, which fortunately in my part of the woods we've been blessed with great weather. We finally have gotten a taste of good weather this past weekend. We managed to enjoy ourselves with lots of out door fun.

I like this time of year. When it's not too hot but warm enough to break out the capris and sandles. What I don't like is that more evidence of global warming is in play as already we've had to break out the sunscreen. Normally, I wouldn't such much as tint at this time of year but already we've had a couple of minor sunburns reminding me that hats are a must for the kids. One of the down sides to summer is making sure the kids wear their hats. Not such a hard task with the older one but an almost impossible task for the younger ones. I've resorted to sewing ties or elastics into most of O's hat just to keep it on. After the first annoyed tug or two he's okay with it.

What you forget from summer to summer is just how dirty they get. You can't get them to keep their shoes on and whether they are wearing socks or not, their feet are filthy. At least bare feet are more easier washed than the girl's leggings. I don't know what they are made of but they seem to be impervious to all kinds of stain removers and even bleach. It doesn't help that I feel obligated to make an effort to get them to keep their shoes on considering the anal retentive inlaws that live upstairs. Cause you know they could step on something, like a bee, and that would just about be the end of the world. You should have seen the disaproving looks I got this morning when they saw that both J and O have a blister on their foot cause by their holey soles, caused most likely by the fact that I allowed them to be worn without socks and I, the awful mother that I am, forgot to take extra socks with my to my mothers.

Yet another reason why I can not wait for my (insert bleep of your choice) house to sell. We've all gotten to the point that we are in desperate need to go our own way.


I'm working today with my husband. Like I don't have enough work at being a SAHM, a self-employed business woman, I now have to go and help him out. I'm not really complaining I've actually gotten a break from the kids for an entire day. (Thanks Nana) AND, hubby and I get to spend a little time today. It's a little slow, which is why I get to post.

Stay tuned for Recipe Tuesday. I do have a recipe this week. :)


  1. Hooray for slow days! I like it when you have time to post...

    And hooray for sometime apart. Nana is a lifesaver it seems :)

  2. Here's a cure all for the kiddos getting dirty: Let them run around naked, then at the end of the day, run the through a car wash.

    Easy peasy. ;-)

    For your sake, I hope your house sells fast. I couldn't imagine living with my inlaws... yeesh.

  3. I love summer! I love barefeet. I can't seem to keep shoes on Evan, but Sean loves wearing his shoes.
    Oh, btw, the husband brought me home flowers for mother's day. That was weird, crazy, and unexpected. Should I send some to you? So we're even and can still get that drink together.

  4. Nana is a lifesaver.. which is why I find it so hard to complain about their annoying anal ways. okay, so I don't have a hard time complaining, I'm a big whiner. *L*

    Yeah, We're thinking of setting some sort of outdoor kid wash scenario.

    I'm glad you got some flowers FAEMOM. That's nice... but I'll still take a drink. :*)


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