Thursday, May 28, 2009

A little Dinner Conversation

We had BBQ chicken tonight with my favourite italian dressing marinade and boy was it ever tasty. 

I decided to emphasize this fact to the kids by over praising everything in order to generate some enthusiasm in them and possibly to get them to eat it without complaining.  

Me:  "MMMM ohhhh boy mmmmffff boy does this chicken taste good"
Kids: "giggle"
Me:  "MMMM ohhh boy do these potatoes ever taste delicious... mmmm"
Kids:  "more giggles"
Me:  "MMMMM oh my goodness this corn is soooo tasty, mmmm you'd think daddy picked it fresh from the garden... mmm mmm mmm". 
Kids:  "giggles mmm... yummy"
Hubby:  "I don't get that."
Me:  "What do you mean you don't get it?  You don't get why I'm doing it or you just don't get it"
Hubby:  "No, I never get it like that."
Me:  confused silence then the lightbulb went off.  "OHHHH, that's because we have neighbours, you know your parents living upstairs."  
Hubby:  "Then we BETTER move."
ME:  *L*

By this time, hubby starts mmming over his food and the kids too. That's when a scene from when Harry Met Sally flashed in my head and so I start this:  

Me:  "Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes" banging the table with my fork in my hand. 
O starts   "Yes, Yes, Yes"  doing the elbow pump into the air
Hubby and I look at each other, start to laugh then E starts in with "Yes, Yes, Yes" waving her fork around and little J sits in her seat giggling and going "Yes, Yes, yes" . 

Hubby and I couldn't contain ourselves as we burst out laughing hysterically with food in our mouths and tears in our eyes.  The kids laugh along too even though they don't get the joke until E realizes she has no idea what we're laughing at and says "Hey, no laughing unless I'm laughing."   I am going to miss it when we can no longer make jokes that are way over their heads because they will have gotten too sharp.   Okay, so I'm not a perfect role model here.  

Oh and as we cleared the dishes from the table, my husband remarked that this about the first time he's ever seen their plates polished so clean.  They ate every bite!

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  1. We have conversations like that at the dinner table, too. Of course, mine range from 13 to 21 and mostly DO get the joke (13 yo is sometimes left in the dark.)

    The family that laughs together (even if it is about orgasms)...


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