Monday, May 11, 2009

Keeping it Cool

Okay, we all know what happened to me on Thursday.  If you don't, check out my post here. So you could say I need a few tips on how to keep my cool better with my children. Those of you mommies who commented on my post will be happy to know their tips are backed by Nanny Deb and Nanny Stella themselves.   

 That's right ladies; I am getting personal Nanny tips from the best.  *L*  Not really, but close enough.  I found out about this site parents and so far I'm finding it really useful.  After I had read the advice on keeping your cool, they listed a bunch of other "challenges".  Just looking at the list of challenges they have is inspiring me to do a little more reading.  I just kept clicking on topic after topic because let's face it I feel like I need a total refresher course this week.  The neat thing is if you don't find an answer to what you're looking for; you can actually post a question for the Star Nannies themselves to answer.  How cool is that?  

Here were my top reads in the challenge section:

·                        Challenge 2: Stop Whining & Screaming

           Challenge 3: Say No to Saying No

                    Challenge 4: Get Your Kids to Clean Up

·                               Challenge 5: Reward Good Behavior

·                               Challenge 6: Establish House Rules  

·                               Challenge 14: Be a Better Listener

Establishing House Rules was a particularly good read.  

There is also a section of tips posted by real parents like this one How to Get More Sleep.  I am hoping someone out there will get to do a review and giveaway on this item.   On the other hand, if it keeps the kids in bed, my husband might just get the VISA card out right now.   

There are so many different parenting questions that come up on any given day and this site is a good place to get answers.  Like 

-          night training your child, is it normal for them to still be wetting the bed

-          my child gets nosebleeds, should I be worried

         my child has a runny nose and it's green, does she need antibiotics.  

So far I have found the site to be easy to use.  What’s more, it’s yet another way for us mommies online to connect.  

from In the Mommy Trenches


  1. This is a great reference! I hadn't heard of this site before. You've listed acouple of challenges I would like to implement over in my home!!

    And Happy belated Mother's Day :0

  2. Thanks for the info. I'll have to read it.


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