Monday, May 4, 2009

Imagination Movers -- Move over Wiggles?

Have you watched this show yet? I'm not sure how new they are.  They have something like 24 episodes done but my husband just brought home the video this weekend.  My kids are hooked already.  We have watched it over 3 times so far this weekend (for us that's hooked). 

It's four guys dressed alike, each with their own special talents and deliver their message through music and songs, not a little unlike the Wiggles.  The difference is that their music is much more upbeat and contemporary (at least to us old parental foggies) and the verses are not quite so simplistic.   Case and point one of the Wiggle's more famous songs... "can you point your finger and do the twist" that's basically the whole song.

While I have not actually had to sit down and watch a whole episode at a time, I find myself dancing to the music in the background and cracking up whenever I've caught some of the more hilarious story lines.  This group of guys are problem solvers. They help you come up with logical ideas to solve any particular problem.  They also have a couple of extra characters involved like Knit Knot, who likes life to be boring and bland and his niece Nina.  Oh and we can't forget adorable little Warehouse mouse.  

My favourite so far has to be Knit Knot's commercial for cereal bits in three flavours, Tasteless, Plain and Extra bland.  MMM.   Some of the funniest stuff is actually over the kids' heads. 

These guys are actually quite talented and can sing really well.  Like I said, their songs are catchy even to me.  So even though I'm not watching it, I don't mind listening to it in the background.   Even 2 year old O was sitting patting his hands on his lap in time with the music and J and E were up dancing around.  

We still like the wiggles because their songs are easy to learn and fun but with my children getting older this just might be the future of entertainment in our home.  Sorry Wiggles. 


  1. My kids LOVE Imagination Movers, too! Do you find yourself singing along to the songs? haha I downloaded a few of the songs from amazon so that my kids would have them on their Shakers (a kid sized mp3 player). I love how all these guys were "real" people before they became the imagination movers. I think Dave was a teacher who won a bunch of teaching awards!
    Love your blog. I added it to my google. :)

  2. My 3 yr old son loves this show, it seems pretty cute!

  3. I am happy to say that I am beyond Wiggles. This falls firmly into the category of things I don't miss

  4. My kids LOVE them too!! Their songs are totally catchy! I have to admit I've had a couple sexy dreams about a couple of those guys!!! Way hotter than the Wiggles!

  5. I agree with Helene. I looked up their bios and they're actually really interesting guys. I can't stand the Wiggles new format. I feel like it's patronizing now. But the downside is *I* sing and dance to the Movers ALL DAY LONG. It's sad. But at least it's way better than Barney.

  6. I guess I need to pay more attention when I see the show when I am baby-sitting. I just always tend to laugh at the acting, haha, but I am fond of the warehouse mouse.

  7. yeah, I liked the older wiggles format better. I can't find all the cool episodes I taped.

    The Mover guys are pretty hot!

  8. I have actually never had to watch much of the Wiggles, because my daughter never was interested in them. The Imagination Movers, however? She loves their show. We have seen it only a few times, while at my sister's house, because we choose to have only the most basic of basic cable here at our house. I have to admit that I find them kind of entertaining, too.

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