Thursday, May 28, 2009

Honeymoon Memories at Disney World

Our tenth anniversary is coming up in July. Unfortunately we won’t be able to go back to Florida for a 2ND honeymoon like we had always planned. We spent two lovely weeks in Florida on our honeymoon. One week in Orlando holiday in Disney World and one week lazing on the beach in St. Petersburg. It’s hard to say which we enjoyed more.

My favourite park is the Magic Kingdom. I don’t know why but it seems to be the most familiar in all things Disney. You got to see the famous Cinderella Castle, the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, the parades, Space Mountain….

Which leads me to one of the most memorable moments at Disney World.

Let’s preface this whole story by saying: I don’t like roller coasters. I cannot abide roller coasters in any shape or form. I can’t stomach the Ferris wheel. I cannot express myself strongly enough on this topic.

Hubby, on the other hand, absolutely, loves, seeks, adores, thrives on, greatest desire is to go on any and all possible combination of roller coasters, and any other scary rides imaginable.

Hence… Space Mountain. Oh this is a great ride. It’s a rapid, 2.5 minute thrill ride with sharp turns and sudden drops. Not only is this a scary, freaky ride. It’s in the dark. Yup, I said it. In. The. DARK. Oh yeah.

So hubby wants to go on it. Of course. I being the good newly married wife tell him I will wait with him in the long winding line up. I could bail out whenever I wanted. So I stood with him for some time outside the doors, then we were in the lobby for awhile, then we proceed up the stairs and up and up. For some reason, I persevered. I stubbornly stayed by his side, saying to myself that I can bail whenever I want. Because there were exits everywhere.

Well, 45 minutes later and we were up at the top in the dark, the exits where lit up and I could see people making use of them. There was no shame in bailing out. I could have gone any time. Hubby was totally fine going by himself. Then why did I get in the damn rocket ship? I will never know what possessed me. Hubby was in shock that I was still behind him. Only we ended up being in different cars. I had imagined that I’d be able to sit at least next to him, cling to him. I was not so lucky. They were these little two seat rockets, one in the front, one in the back. He was in the one behind me in the front seat, I was in front of him in the back seat. Oh crap.

All I can remember is hanging on as if my life depending on it screaming. “Oh, my god, we’re gonna die.” Despite the fact that it was dark, I had my eyes squeezed shut most of the time. My arms were wrapped literally around the lap bar as if somehow I wasn’t secured tight enough. My husband was behind me watching my short bob whip from side to side as we were slammed around corners. When I did look around all I could see was the dim outlines of the metal tracks and supports and shadows of people watching. Every once in a while someone would take a picture and it would light up for a moment.

It was the LONGEST 2.5 minutes of my life. We get to the bottom, our rocket slows down as we approach the docking area. I sit completely still, my heart pounding in my chest, I had chest pains my anxiety was so acute. My husband later told me that he thought I was going to kill him. Why, I don’t know because it’s not like he coerced me at all to go on the ride in the first place.

But he was so proud of me. He actually bragged to his brother and friends that HIS wife road Space Mountain with him. I have to admit I was little proud of myself. It sucked but I did it. For a non roller coaster person, I actually consider this a big deal. I RODE SPACE MOUNTAIN. Hubby loved it, of course. And now, it is one of my fondest memories of our holiday.

Our other favourite ride: Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger. We must have gone on that ride like 20 times. It took at least 5 times before we clued in what we were supposed to do and how we were to move the lasers around and shoot at things. My favourite was when we went through this spinning tunnel, you could turn the wheel like the wheel in the tea cup ride, and we’d spin circular while the tunnel was spinning over head and I’d make it spin real fast for him. Get this, he can do roller coasters but he can’t do spins. *L*

One thing we did learn is that it pays to buy your tickets in advance. You save way more money. One site to check out for great deals is Disney World Tickets

Who knows, maybe we'll get to go next year. I just won't be riding Space Mountain.


  1. There's not enough money in this world to get me on a roller coaster or anything that goes higher than about five feet. If that makes me a wimp, so be it. I don't care. lol

  2. The roller coaster at space mountain...what a great metaphor for marriage!

    Hope you guys have a great 10th anniversary. :)

  3. Oddly, I love Space Mountain, but Buzz Lightyear is fun, too! It's like a videogame and a ride in one package! What could be better?!

  4. Hi there. New here but just had to comment. You post brought back such lovely memories for me! Love Disney and Orlando.
    I've enjoyed reading through your blog:)

  5. I hate coasters, and the ones in the dark are the worst.

    But we took our kids to Universal Studios one year, and I have one son who LOVES them, and a husband with a bad back.

    He was too young to ride alone.

    I threw myself on the sword for the family. I rode the Aerosmith coaster (NO idea what it's really called).

    If you think roller coasters in the pitch black are bad, try one in the pitch black, that accelerates you from 0 to 60 in a second flat, and blares Aerosmith at you at the decibels of a jumbo jet.

    And the little snot doesn't even remember it now.

  6. I have always gone to Disneyland. When we went to Disneyworld the Magic Kingdom was like a twilight zone episode for me. It was almost right but everything was a little off. Pirates has two drops in it here but none in Florida. Space Mnt. is side by side here but one behind the other there. Strange experience.

  7. I totally love Disney!!!! We go to Disneyland every year but it's been years since we've been to Disney World! We're hoping to take all the kids in a few years when they (we) can tolerate a 6-hr flight.

    I felt the same way the very first time I waited in line for Space Mountain but I remember totally loving it afterwards!! Each year I have to psych myself up for it and Tim has to remind how much I loved it the last time.

    I've always wanted to go to St Petersburg....I bet it was like heaven on earth!

  8. HAHA! I will never forget my experience on Space Mountain. I rode it when i was in 3rd grade. My parents wanted to ride it and since there would be no one to watch me or my sister, they convinced us it wasn't really too scary. I thought I was going to die!! I'll never forget it.
    I like rollercoasters now, but b/c of the trauma i experienced, i doubt i'll ever find myself back on that one! :)


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