Thursday, May 14, 2009

Don't Mess with My Chocolate!

So I'm at the drugstore the other day. I had to get tweezers because O broke the only decent pair I had. How does a 2 year old break tweezers? SHEESH. They were my favourite pair to because they actually gripped the hair the first time around. But I digress.

I decide to wander into the health products aisle. I was actually looking for a naturopathic product that apparently helps with night training (i.e. bedwetting) when I came across this product.

Looks good doesn't it? Jamieson Natural Sources PMS Support.  Soy crisp chocolate fused with Natural Botanicals. Things that actually might boost my mood. What's more, it was on sale. Ooh, a deal. I love deals.

I read the back of the box.
Each bar is 70 Calories. I read the Directions: Take 3 times a day for up to 5 days. Are you kidding me? There is a product out there that's telling me to eat chocolate 3 times a day?  Woohoo!  Anybody, Anybody who tells me to eat chocolate 3 times a day has got my vote of confidence.  That's for sure. 

I took it home and showed my husband. He laughed and said sounds great Honey.  Although he did point out it has 70 calories a bar. I pointed out that regular chocolate bars have 3 times that amount and I get to eat it 3 times a day.   

In the back of my mind, I'm thinking this has all sorts of possibilities.  Dark chocolate is good for you.  I'm not a big fan of dark, I like milk chocolate, which, of course has less health benefits and more sugar.  So I'm thinking this could help me kick the sweet habit cause I'm being given permission to eat it and at the same time get me more used to the dark chocolate taste.  Some tastes just have to be acquired and I was willing to sacrifice myself to the test. ;0)

So I was excited when I opened the box.  Just how big were these babies.  Well about 2 inches long.  So what, I'm going to get to snack on em 3 times a day.  Don't think I mentioned that.  

Then I ate one.  Chew a couple of bites.  Hmm.  Tastes a little bitter.  Not sure about this.  I struggle through take a couple more bites.  It's getting nastier and nastier tasting.  I'm thinking is this just because of the dark chocolate taste?  So I get hubby to try a teensy piece.  He gamely tries it and before it's even melted in his mouth he's spitting it out.  He's gagging, He's carrying on like I poisoned him or something.   He said, "No, it's definitely not the dark chocolate."  He gets a drink to wash it down.  Water doesn't work.  Milk doesn't work. He finally has to go brush his teeth.  He said it made him feel like throwing up.  Can you imagine how I felt when I ate 3/4 of it.  

I actually don't think it tastes as extreme as he was making but now I'm looking at $13 plus dollar box of chocolates that I absolutely don't want to eat and I'm just a little annoyed.  Do these people not actually test out their product before they sold it?   Can anybody actually like this crap?   At some point, somebody has to stop and actually eat a bar.   I can't believe that anybody buying this product will actually struggle through and eat every bar 3 x a day for 5 days.  

I now wish I had forked out my money on a slightly more expensive but pill form of PMS support and not been stuck with this crap.   I could take it back but I don't think I even have the receipt any more.  Really who keeps the receipt for tweezers and PMS crap.  No one.  

So the word is, if you are going to mess with chocolate.. make sure you mess with it right!  


  1. hahahahaha! loved it... guess I might buy anything packed up to look like chocolate, once


  2. That's just a shame! I think it should be criminal to trick people into buying nasty chocolate-like stuff. Maybe the idea was to get you so upset about the chocolate that you'd forget about your PMS?!

  3. That is hideous misrepresentation, right when you needed it to be wonderful stuff... I think we should go take that company down....

  4. Aw, man! I almost peed my pants from excitement, giggling and waving my hands in the air! BUT, I kept reading, and booooooo!!! What a big, fat let down.


    I was about to slap a baseball cap on, jump in the car and buy every single box I could get my hands on! I should have known it was too good to be true. :-(... Ah well. Whaddaya gonna do? ;-)

  5. That's terrible...and I was picturing your hubby gagging on it. LOL Grab a dove bar, it'll make ya feel better and taste good. :-)

  6. So why would some exec be stupid enough to mess with chocolate for women having PMS? Someone has a death wish.
    On another note, ever taste thosre chocolate calcium chews? Diiiiisgusting.


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