Friday, May 29, 2009

Could this be it?

Did all my cap cleaning of yesterday finally pay off? Will this 365 day nightmare of trying to sell my home finally end? Please, please say yes.

I came back from taking E to school to find out we got another call from our realtor and that there is a second showing booked for this afternoon. We've NEVER had a second showing. So here I am furiously cleaning my house AGAIN. Would you believe how messy it got between yesterday and today?

It would happen that this morning is the one time that the dishwasher is FULL of clean dishes, that O wet himself overnight and I have to strip his bed, try to get the funky boy urine smell out of the house, that last night his diaper burst (damn you huggies!) while sitting on the sofa and we currently have one naked cushion waiting to be washed and recovered.... but those are minor things.

Today also is hubby's birthday. Happy Birthday Honey. Unfortunately because of our dire financial situation there are no prezzies for him this year. Home made cards it is. We're waiting until we can afford to splurge on new cell phones. It will be a joint present for our birthdays new phone for him, new phone for me and best of all he doesn't have to think about what to get me.. *LOL*

So whatever you ladies did for me yesterday, cross your fingers, pray, send out good thougts.. hold your breath.. .just kidding... please please do for us again today. We're counting on you!


  1. Praying away! (We're in that boat too... waiting on money for new cell phones. I keep imagining that by the time we get to it the phones will be able to make a cup of coffee and give us a back-rub at the rate technology is going)

  2. I'm sending you good real estate vibes!

    I certainly feel your pain. It took us nearly a year to sell our condo in the Northeast after we moved to the deep, deep, DEEP South.

    We finally sold it after reducing the price to a number that almost made me throw up.

    This market is crazy. Good luck to you!


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