Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ask me if I cried.

I went to work last night.  It was a typical work night until I got the call.  From home.  My husband after some witty banter between myself and my SIL, tells me.  

           "Well our daughter has done her first"
Me:   "Her first what?"  I'm thinking leave it to my hubby to draw it out with 50 questions. 
K:  "Well, she was playing in the play room and came out and told me that she sneaked past                    mommy and that's when she showed me the basket."
Me:  "okay. What's in the basket?"   

By this time my  SIL is looking at me a little concerned by the expression on my face, she's listing a run down of all the firsts that my kids have gone through and what possible first could he be calling about. 

K:   "Her hair"
Me: "WHAT?" my eyes start watering immediately. My SIL gets more concerned, I mouth to her "she cut her hair"

SIL:  "which one"  meaning which girl

K:   "well, there's a lot in the basket"
Me: "how could we not have noticed that she did that"
K:   "no idea but it doesn't look good."

Crap.  This is J, J of the long golden blonde hair that sweetly curls on the ends.  J, who I have recently started getting into doing fancy dos with her hair.   She's 3.  She's never had her hair cut, except her bangs that is.  

To be truthful, J has been telling me lately that she wants her hair cut.  Her hair is so fine that it gets knotty and like any kid, doesn't like having to suffer through getting it brushed out.  But, I was reluctant to cut her hair cause it's just so darn pretty.  Was. 

I can't believe I never noticed.  I was on the computer (of course) and thought I had an eye on where the scissors were.  She must have taken the scissors and then sneakily put them back.  I can literally see them in my mind's eye where they last were and what time I had to rescue them from O cause he had gotten up from his nap.  So the entire time I thought she was playing so nicely with baby in the bedroom, she was going snippety, snip, snip.   Later while I was cooking supper she fell asleep on the couch and when we picked her up to bring her for supper her hair was messy so we never noticed. 

So here are the photographic evidence of her crimes. 




It's like that on both sides.  Some sections barely reach her chin with a long mane in the back still, which is probably why it took us so long to notice.  The little sneak. 

So it's off to the hairdresser's this morning to see if we can get the rest of it fixed.  Sigh.  I don't think we'll be able to keep much. 

So... ask me later if I cried.


  1. Oh my gosh! I'M crying! Well, at least she didn't run with scissors... Right? ;-)

    I hope you can still try to enjoy your weekend!

  2. LOL..I know EXACTLY how you feel/felt!!!!

    My youngest daughter did that when she was around 3 1/2. My oldest daughter got a haircut and she kept saying she wanted her hair cut too. Anyway, after her shower one day, she wanted to get herself dressed in her room. I thought, " grown up for her to pick her own clothes." can imagine what she was doing in there. Long story short, one of my sons tell me that there is hair all in the room, blah, blah, blah. I go in there, didn't notice her hair at first because it was still wet, and then I look closer and she chopped part the sides, and the TOP. The first thing that came to my mind was, "How is she going to wear her bows???" I was a bowaholic, and she had bows w/ every outfit. Anyway, I start screaming (not at her), she starts screaming, and oh my would have thought she poked her eye out. Well, I took her to the gal that cuts their hair and they fixed it as best they could. Of course, they had to cut like 6 inches to even it out, plus give her bangs!!!!!! But, now, it's all grown back out and she promises never to do that again!!!!!

    So..the good part is that it will grow out, but more importantly, she didn't cut herself.

  3. Oh my goodness! I would have been upset, too! That was a lot of hair in that basket!
    Christy (couponmagnet)

  4. Wow! There was a lot of hair in that basket! My daughter has long, thick curly hair that is a lot of work to style. When she was little and didn't want to get her hair combed, I would threaten to cut it. Until one day she said, "just cut it mommy." Then whenever I wanted to do her hair she would say, 'don't do it, just cut it, please.'
    Can you say BACKFIRE?
    However, don't feel too badly about your daughter. It's just hair, it will grow back!

  5. How sad but luckily it will grow back...just keep telling yourself that

  6. Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! It'll grow out.

  7. She might look great with a new layered do. At least it will grow back!

  8. Oh no! Yep, I might have cried! At least she didn't cut off her bangs right at her forehead...


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