Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday. A Little Cat Lovin.

This is E before J ever came along.  She loved her kitty.   A little too much. :)


  1. Oh my! Look at that sweet little face! She's adorable!

    Both she and the cat have expressions on their faces that seem to say, "What? Is this wrong or something?"

    Too cute!


  2. I love that the cat is just hanging out and enjoying the fact that she having the stuffing squeezed out of her. That's a wonderful pet :)

  3. LOL this is so funny! And I agree with Kathy B. The cat looks like,'Yeah, this is normal for me. What are YOU looking at?'

  4. yeah he was a good kitty. :) specially since he was our "baby" before E and he had to adjust big time to a baby. He'd just sit and hiss at her in the baby seat for the longest time after we brought her home. :)

  5. what a patient kitty! Most siblings aren't even that calm and content.

  6. Love this picture. Must be a very sweet kitty.


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