Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tears of Joy?

Yesterday Hubby had the day off on Wednesday, which is why I didn't get to post anything but I digress.

I take E to school and head off to the grocery store.  I have volunteered myself, yeah how stupid am I, to cook Easter dinner this weekend.  I have been spoiled for far too long.  Usually my mom makes a turkey and my MIL makes a turkey.  Do you KNOW how much a turkey costs?  One single turkey!  Well here in Canada they can be expensive.  I'm not used to spending $20.00 on meat for one meal.   Course we are going to feed like 9 people.  I had to phone home.. "uh honey, do you think 6 to 10 kg will be enough?"

I while my morning away at the grocery store, hit the dollar store for some basket stuffers and I come home to hubby doing laundry like crazy.  He had just about every possible load going and in various stages of folding all over the living room furniture.  The kitchen had been tidied up from breakfast etc.  Now I never said my hubby didn't help out.  (I'm pretty sure I never said he didn't help)  The problem is he is inconsistent and when he does decide to help, he goes just a little crazy with it.  Like it's this marathon of cleaning that has to be all done in one day.  I like to do a little laundry every day.  

But hey do not take this in any way as a complaint.  I was glad to get the laundry done, we've been a little busy lately for me to be really on top of it.    I started to help him put away some of the laundry but when I walked through the bathroom, the smell hit me.  No, it was a clean smell. The smell of cleaning supplies having been used.  I look at the taps, sparkling.  I look at the counter, cleared.  I look at the mirror, spotless.  He CLEANED the bathroom.  Tears sprang to my eyes as I walked back out, told him in what was probably a way too serious voice, "you rock" because I was trying not to really cry.  He was all oh crap, what have I done to make her cry, until I said, "you cleaned the bathroom, thank you" and gave him a big hug.  He was relieved.

I am surprised by my reaction (so was he thank you), it's not like he shouldn't help out by cleaning the bathroom.  I guess it's just with how busy our lives have been lately, it was exactly what I needed at that moment.  For my man to dig a little deeper and extend a little more help.  I don't think he completely understood it and I wasn't going to explain it to him because that would just start the whole, who does more debate but it really made my day.  

So now I am going to take my cup of tea outside and play with my son because I have no laundry to do today and my bathroom is still sparkly clean.  How nice is that? 


  1. Awe. It's amazing how the "little" things mean so much. Enjoy your tea!

  2. That's awesome! He gets a big gold star... :) It's awesome when hubby kick it into overdrive!

  3. aww that was sweet. Isn't a much needed clean bathroom better than some jewelery he might have bought for you? Okay so maybe both are good.

  4. oooh jewelery. At first I'd say give me the jewelery.. but it'd be sitting all pretty on my dresser while I looked at the messy bathroom and I'd still be ticked it was a mess... so no, jewelery isn't a cure all.

  5. Mmm... tea is always better when everything is sparkly!

  6. I've heard tell of such men, but until now, I never believed they existed.

    So awesome that you have one!

  7. I'm going to have to second ck on this one. It's amazing how a little help can go so far.


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