Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sayings, Every Family Has Them

I had to chuckle last night as my husband was describing the serious airtime the girls had had that night.  We have our own unique way of saying things sometimes and thought I'd share one with you. 

Airtime:   Used to refer to the amount of time the kids' feet are off the floor in a crying/tantrum fit. I don't know about yours but when mine are seriously upset they jump up and down repeatedly. 

What's one of your family sayings? 

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  1. My family used to make fun of me when I would screw up words. For example I once called a rug burn a carpet stain, even though I was like four at the time and it made sense to me. They STILL use that phrase anytime anyone (but usually me) messes up words.

  2. We have to have hundreds and right now I'm blank.
    A friend of mine uses "click" though, for code


  3. I'm with Cindy. I know we have some, but I can't think of any. I do say ten 'til when I actually mean ten minutes until the thing we need to be at. As in we will leave ten 'til (before the movie starts).

  4. This is horrible to share, but it's all I can think of right now! A long time ago, some comedian I saw referred to the human body's, um, rear exit as a "star." Do you have Carl's, Jr. restaurants? Well, if so, you know that their mascot is a happy, yellow, cartoon star. So, nowadays when we're changing a diaper, we might be heard saying, "Oh, dear. He's getting a terrible rash on his Carl."

  5. My son can't say "sink" b/c he replaces the "s" with "f" and we chuckled one time so now he says, "I'm going to wash my hands in the bowl". haha funny thing is that when other people hear this, they think he means the toilet. haha


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