Sunday, April 19, 2009

A little potty ponderation

Last night as we're getting ready for bed I come across J sitting on the toilet reading a potty training book swinging her little feet.  

Mommy: "Hi, Sweetie, are you done?"
J: "Yup, I just pooped."
Mommy: "good girl, you went poop." *thinking okay I have to do a wipe check*
J: looks over her shoulder and into the toilet and says "yup, two poops.  I get a treat". 
Mommy:     "um, no sweetie you only got treats when you were little and just learning to go poop on the potty."
J: "when I was a berry little baby, I used to sit on the dora potty, yeah so I don't fall in and get flushed.... with the poop."

My husband and I had a little chuckle over this conversation but later I wondered if this was a little insight into her thoughts when she was younger?  Was she really worried about getting flushed down the toilet even though it's obviously not a giant black hole?  Was that why she didn't like to go poo on the potty, it takes longer to poo than to pee? 

But who knows what goes through their heads.  When she was smaller she hated things going over her head. This included getting dressed and she cried every time I dressed her.  This drove me crazy because it was, in my mind completely irrational.  Obviously I wasn't very good at hiding my annoyance because as she grew out of this fear she said to me... "see mommy, I don't cry anymore when it goes over my head."   I felt bad because I hadn't been very understanding with my poor mite.  I was too rushed.  

Just like E you could toss around and throw on the bed etc and she just loved it.  She loves horseplay.   J didn't and it took me quite a well before it finally went through my head... J doesn't like it!   So I stopped doing it.  DUH, that should have been obvious but sometimes we are just so caught up with what we have to do that we forget to stop and listen to the tiny voices and give them some credit.  It doesn't matter that their fears are silly, it's real to them and deserve our time and attention and understanding.  

No matter how much it drives us crazy!

In the Mommy Trenches


  1. I'm still cracking up that she checked behind her and said she had 'two poops'! LOL! Hilarious!

  2. oh my. i DO love poop stories. there has never, in my experience, been a poop story that hasn't made me giggle or laugh or (ironically) pee my pants. this fits right in.

    when my brother was a baby, my mom had him circumcised. this was back in the 70's when they did it like 2 weeks after the kid left the hospital, or something crazy like that. anyway, my mom asked the doctor if it would hurt and he said no, they were too little to feel anything down there. right. he screamed his little head off.

    fast forward to 3 years later: he's had a bath and is sitting on the toilet naked, waiting for my mom to come back and clip his nails. my mom walks back in the bathroom with some tiny cuticle scissors, my brother sees them, and he starts to cry--he puts his hand on his little penis and goes, "No, Mommy! Noooo!"

    i bet little kids remember a lot more than we know. :-)

  3. You have a very good point. I'm ashamed to say that I have blown past my childrens' refusal to do things, only to find out later that they were AFRAID for some reason that never would have occurred to me... Very good point, very well made.

  4. yeah, poop stories are always "precious"

    I bet you're right, Kids do remember more than we know.

    Thanks KathyB. :)

  5. It is funny what they're scared of. Sometimes it doesn't hit me either. Dark, I understand. Monsters under the bed, resonable. Pooping in the potty, what?


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