Monday, April 27, 2009

An end of an era?

My darling, my baby, my boy, my wee little man turned two yesterday.  Wow!  It's amazing to reflect that 2 years have gone by.  

Two years since my husband was brutally fired by his long time employer without so much as a care or concern that his wife was expecting a baby in less than 7 weeks.  

Two years since I went through his what can only be described as traumatizing labor and delivery. We thought he was ...  I can't even say it, it's just that horrible.  It still brings tears to my eyes when I think on it.  Did I mention he was born at 12 pounds? Naturally?  

Two years since I found out that another one of my babies had a heart murmur.  (he's fine now)

Two years since we thought he may have had nerve damage in his right arm.  Cause he got stuck coming out.  (he recovered, thanks to Mommy perserverance in arm exercising). 

Two years since our house went on the market cause my husband bought a business in another town because he was so desperate to have a job, we borrowed against our equity.  Our house is still for sale. 

Two years since I learned the joys and the differences of parenting a wee little man.  (Have you ever noticed how much boy's pee stinks more than girls?  It's weird, I know.)

Two years since I got to see the joy in my daughters' faces when we brought their baby brother home. 

It may have seemed like a long two years but it really did go by amazingly fast.  From babyhood, to eating, to smiling, to crawling, walking etc.  Wow.  Just when you thought the breastfeeding would never end, you could just scream the next time they clamped down on your nipple and bam they no longer want it and yes, you're just a teensy bit sad. 

Did you know that we called O commando baby for a while?  He used to drag himself around on his forearms before he learned to crawl.  We called it his commando baby manouever.  

So here I sit feeling just a wee bit sad at the end of another era.  We are saying goodbye to the toddler and hello to the soon to be pre-schooler.  It's time like these that I wish I could step back for a little while and snuggle them a little longer.   I'd hold on and savour it knowing how brief these moments really are.  That time moves faster than we think and all this other stuff, is just not as important.  

Happy Birthday O!

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  1. oh - my youngest was an army crawler - so cute - he could never wear overalls! :)

    Don't worry - it only gets more fun! Wait until Little League :)

    Thanks for visiting today!


  2. The really bad news is that time only seeme to speed up and move faster. A decade has flown by and I don't even know where it went!

    You are a wise mommy to cherish this time.

  3. Wow - starting with a 12-pounder - WOW.

    That was a beautiful post. It made me nostalgic for the eras currently ending at our house...

  4. TWELVE POUNDS?? TWELVE POUNDS?!!! NATURALLY? I thought I had it bad with my son barely making eight! LOL! I can see how very, very lucky I was!

    Happy birthday to your lover boy! :-)

  5. yes, even the doctor was surprised. He was guessing 10, J was 10 pounds. But no, I had to deliver mondo baby. *L* All the doctors and nurses kept stopping by my room because they just HAD to see the 12 pounder. *LOL*

    I just wish I remembered to cherish these times more... get frustrated less. :)

  6. Wow, 12 lbs, THAT'S A TURKEY!! Both of my boys were 3 months before they reached 12lbs!

    I perpetually wish I can go back in time and snuggle with my little ones for a little while, then jump back into the present. It would just be nice to visit.

    I try so hard to remind myself "cherish this moment." But even when I know I have soaked up a time in our lives for all it is worth, I still have a hard time moving on to the next phase. Yet, I seem to enjoy each phase more than the last. Or at least I DID, until I experienced age three:-)

    Happy Birthday to your little guy!

  7. You too! My hubby was "laid off" two weeks prior to our kiddo came. Ironically, right after he asked about paternity leave.... hmm....

  8. Great post! I'm always sturck by how fast everything goes. My little guy will be turning two in a couple of weeks, and it feels like it was just yesterday that I was hugely pregnant with him.
    Happy Birthday O!


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