Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We had a rotten night.

O, is still fighting his cold but seemed much better yesterday so hubby decided he didn't need any meds at night.  So he was up every couple of hours or so to gag.  The doc thinks he's starting to get allergies because the snot is just running down the back of his throat (pleasant picture I know).  So what happens is when he's lying down, the snot pools in the back of his throat and it causes him to wake up and gag.  This, of course, is disturbing to him as he almost throws up and sometimes does throw up (he did this a.m., fortunately most of it landed in the EMPTY, thank goodness, laundry basket)   Since we've switched him to lactose free milk, this problem has been getting better,  he no longer upchucks entire bottles of milk all over the floor, bed and crib rails but he has one of those nasty mucousy colds. 

Anyways, that means that I did not get a very good sleep.  Why is there an unspoken rule that the mother ALWAYS has to be the one to get up?  When I did sleep I was dreaming about hotel rooms and wallpaper.  *L*  We'd been up late (of course you're always up late when the kids sleep bad, murphy's law) looking at hotels etc to see where we would like to get away for a few days next week. 

I was so groggy when I did get up this morning that I barely helped hubby clean up O's puke, sat down on the couch and went to sleep sitting up while hub had a shower.  Of course, my little darlings don't let me sleep but that's okay O gets in too much trouble for me to be anything less than vigilant.  Cause in point.. I just caught him standing on the armchair trying to pull down a rather large family photo frame off the wall.  One eye on the keyboard, one eye on the kid. Amazing how mommys turn into the most amazing multitaskers. 

So I'm thinking great, this is going to be a crappy day like yesterday.  It was even way below the level of crappiness.  I finally roll into the shower around 10:00, bribe my oldest to follow O around and make sure he stays out of trouble.  She's pretty good at it if I don't take too long and, of course, compensate her for her time.  How much is a 5 year old's time worth these days?  $.50.  All she knows it's money and it's shiny.  Heh heh.  However, today I come out to find my MIL here.  I have to quickly dry up and come out to see what she wants.  Thank goodness I took my housecoat in the bathroom and the kids had the presence of mind to actually close doors.  Normally I can't even pee behind a closed door without someone coming in, if I lock the door they just bang on it until I crack.   

We're having a big 40th party for my BIL this weekend and she wanted to see if we had fridge space in the backroom (course she already checked before I came out) and that reminded me I desperately needed to clean out the fridge.  It's theirs and we just use it to store overflow like milk etc.  but it's gotten dirty and dusty from potatoes etc.  Then there was the time my hubby accidentally left the freezer door open (we thought the freezer had died) and melted all our food.  To top it off one of our freezies had broken open and spilt inside.  Did hubby clean the said freezie mess when the fridge was thawing?  No, he ignores it and plugs the thing back in, turns it up full force to see if the fridge will freeze again.  It did.  Along with the freezie juice spread all over the bottom.  So let's see, it's been sitting there a frozen red blob for 7, 8, 9 months or so.  

I, of course, am stubborn.  Have you figured that out yet?  Why the hell should I clean it up when he could have done it right then and there.   I am embarrassed every time I look at it because I know the inlaws snoop and are always down popping things like leftovers for us in the freezer.  This fridge belongs to THEM.  Is the red dye going to stain the freezer?  So I'm always trying to make sure the red stain is covered up by something or other.  

Today, however, was the day it had to be cleaned.  My MIL will be using the fridge for food overflow for the party this weekend so I cleaned out the main part, all it needed was a quick wipe, and broke down and cleaned up the freezer.  The red dye did not stain.  Thank goodness.  

Does your husband do this?  Leave a job only half done?  Kind of like leaving his underwear on the bathroom floor when the laundry basket is a foot away.  Why should I have to pick it up?  Can't I just leave it for when HIS mother comes along?  No, cause GOOD wives don't do that.  Good wifey poos pick up their man's laundry.   

Before we were married my husband told me he was a clean freak.  At the time I had to admit I thought he was too.  When I visited his apartment, he was always vacuuming and cleaning etc. When we got married, I thought crap what had I gotten in to, I am a messy molly myself.  When I was single, dishes got done when I'd run out of pots to cook in or dishes to eat on  OR when company was coming.  My living room was always tidy, my bedroom.  Bombsville.  Now I was married to someone with higher standards. 

Something weird happened,  I get married and suddenly I am miss Suzy homemaker.  I hate mess. I absolutely love a neat and organized house. Beds get made everyday.  Before, my theory was I'm just going to mess it up tonight, what was the point.   Now, I'm still too lazy to keep it at that Martha Stewart level but a messy house does drive me bonkers.  My mother had thought me a lost cause after all the nagging she had done over messy bedrooms etc while I was growing up.  She couldn't figure it out because she always had our house very tidy. 

Now after having lived with the man for 9 and 1/2 years, whenever he throws out that he's a clean freak comment, I have to laugh.  I'm sorry honey but a clean freak is someone who feels compelled to keep things neat all the time.  Not just when they have the time.  He likes to be neat but he's always saying he doesn't have the time to be organized.  I once totally cleaned up his office at work, rearranged, organized it, you name it.  Exactly one week later I visit, it was a complete shambles.  I asked him why was it so messy. Everything is right here all nice and simple in the drawer. His response.. he was too busy to file it away.  I never organized him again. Waste of my time.  

OMgoodness I have totally wandered from where I was going with this.  Bottom line, I felt crappy this a.m.  Tired and fighting a cold.  Then I got moving and cleaned out the fridge and I am absolutely amazed at how much better I feel.  Mood wise.  There is just such a good feeling at having accomplished something. Especially something that had been nagging at the back of my mind to get on to doing.   Totally changed my perspective today. 

Luckily for my children.    Hope you all have a great day, what's left of it. :) 


  1. Great post! You totally made me laugh. Don't worry it is not just you! My husband grew up with a mother who was a cleaning FREAK, seriously, capital letters and all. But needless to say, he can be found playing nintendo with his boxers in the bathroom, dirty dishes in the sink, and who knows what on the floor. The other day he stepped in dog poop, walked in the house and trailed it on the carpet. He notices, puts his shoes outside then sits down. GUESS WHO cleaned it off the carpet? I was about ready to strangle him. Seriously, murderous thoughts were abound. I'm the same way as you though, I feel icky when my house is dirty. I need a clean house! Is it always clean? Nope. Usually not even close. But I feel so much better when it is. I just hate the cleaning part. :)

  2. My husband forever leaves EVERYTHING for me to clean. From toilet misses (no I do not mean the ones left by the kids) to muddy shoe prints, to clearing his plate. It makes me soooo mad. I would have left it for him too! Good for you!


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  3. Oh my goodness, I thought I was having a rough go. I hate allergy stuff, we have to take my daughter in to see if she has a nut allergy, ack, ack ack!

  4. I've been there, which I why I had to comment. Keep your kids from getting sick in the first place! My daughter learned this great program at her daycare. It's called Germy Wormy Germ Awareness for Germ Transportation Vehicles, ages 2 - 7. It really works to teach children in a mom-invented, fun and drug-free way to both avoid AND keep from spreading germs. Now we no longer play the "pass the germs" game. If your kids are in school, tell your teacher or daycare provider about it!


    Give kids a PLACE to give their germs instead of you!


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