Sunday, March 1, 2009

Not Me Monday.. We are NOT so screwed!

We don't suddenly have a climber.  O cannot  now get out of his crib.  O still wants to stay in his crib... forever!  It's not an oh Crap situation.  We still can go to bed assured in the knowledge that the little monster is trapped for the night. 

Lately, O has NOT been getting more and more into things.  I don't have to be on top of him 24/7.  He has not been caught reaching into the cutlery drawer taking out the really big knives, (he did not see mommy grab a spoon to fish out the toys that roll under the stove), he has not been discovered juggling potatoes from our spare fridge in the back storage room, he has not been nabbed standing precariously on the edge of our arm chair trying to get to the fish on the fireplace. (only place poor thing can get away from the kidlets)  He does not like to sit on the entertainment stand... in front of the t.v. tormenting his sisters who are trying to watch a show He does not like to climb on the toilet so he can turn the faucet on and splash water all over the counters and mirrors.. on occasion throwing the toilet paper roll in there for good measure.  

He does not pull on the toilet paper holder so hard that the hanger thingy comes off and is no longer able to stay on.  He does not put on Daddy's boots (conveniently left by the door) and tromp mud all through momma's house. 

Oh and one for me... I did not use a dishtowel with fringe to pull a tray out of the oven.  The dishtowel fringe did not touch the bottom element and catch fire.  I did not have to put out the fire on my scorched dishtowel.  I do not turn my nose up at using oven mitts.. I always use oven mitts and never forget. :)


  1. Oh man, never a dull moment! Thank God the fire incident wasn't worse...

  2. Gotta love the mud. We suffer from similar things that DO NOT happen here.

  3. And I am NOT laughing at the shenanigans going on in your house right now!!

    Not me Monday is so cathartic!


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