Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bad News re our House

So we had a nice little chat with the realtor.  We went over charts and pages of listings that have sold, listings that have not sold and have been sitting around forever and a day (like our house) to finally come to the conclusion suggested by our realtor that we need to drop our house price by $50,000.   Yikes!

It should all be relative, right?  Our house goes down in price, so do any prospective homes we want to buy, right?  Wrong.  Unfortunately, for us, the area we want to relocated to, an hour up the highway, is still booming apparently.  While house prices may  have a dropped a little bit, it's not enough to make things at all comparatives for us.  The other thing is because we borrowed against our equity to buy a business, with the drop in market value, we'd end up $30,000 in the whole which would have to come out of his parents pocket (we all bought house together) until we pay them back.  Reducing them probably into a mobile.  

Unless either of two things happen. 

1.  We are able to actually get a small business loan to cover the deficit and give us a down payment again. 

2.   We move into the exact same scenario that we are in now with the inlaws etc for a couple more years.  CRAP!   That way we can transfer the debt.  

Option #1, I can handle.  It means less of a house but it would be OUR house.  Option #2, I might just go banana heads but my FIL makes me feel like a whiny baby because after all his mother lived with 14 children in a 3 bedroom home yada yada yada.   (Would you believe she had 19 children?     I have to admit when I look at photos of them, I look at the dad and think "horny old bugger." )  When he threw this out at us last night I asked him "but was she happy?"  

He was kerflummoxed.  Of course, she was happy, what does that matter etc.  Of course, he was just a kid.  He doesn't remember.  My MIL piped up that no she probably wasn't happy she just did what she had to do.  

Hubby put in too, that just because she had to do it etc didn't make it right.  Same as they're always telling us they never got a break etc when they had kids and my husband said, that doesn't make it right.  My MIL agreed and also agreed that there has to be balance. 

Bottom line, I will do what I have to do but I want to find a way to do it so that I and my family can live with the compromises.   It's easy to make sacrifices at the start but living in it, day to day can get grating and it's hard to remember why you're doing it when you get bogged down with all the day to day inconveniences.  I expect that when you've never known any different it's easier because you don't know what you could have.  Kind of like my FIL's mother.  I suspect she didn't know about birth control.  :)~   *tongue in cheek*  

* Please note*  This isn't a slam against large families.  Many of these children were born before or during the war in a small 3 bedroom row house and they fled the country to come and live here in even more poverty and continued to have several more children.  The children were put to work as soon as they could earn a wage to help support the family.  Some how I think it was more of a religious decision (church against birth control) than from a great desire to have a large family like the Duggars


  1. I'm so sorry to hear this. Selling a house is in this market has got to be a trying experience. Hopefully being able to blog about it helps on some level. Probably not too much, but I'm looking for the silver lining :)

  2. Hope everything works out well for you. Selling your home is always stressful and it seems it is more difficult in this changing world. Prayers and crossed fingers for you....


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