Monday, February 23, 2009

Your mission should you choose to accept is....

to transform this wreck of a house into an organized, peaceful oasis of a home. 

We've been busy this weekend.  Too busy, in fact, and like any normal home it does not clean itself.   We haven't been home that much and add to the fact that hubby and I were clearing some stuff out of our back storage room and taking some of the bigger items out of the kids rooms to make more room and make it easier to show the house.   For some strange reason, when K and I try to organize, the house gets messier.  

Maybe part of it is that the kids run rampant through all of this.  It's the only way or we can't get it done at all. 

After we load up the moving van, we head to the "other" storage locker.  The one we pay for.  Turns out we've spent $1700.00 this last year on storage.  Our friends are kindly letting us store some of our stuff in their basement.  Here's where we fall down on the parenting awards of the year.  In order to do this, we need to leave the children in our mini van while I help hubby load up the moving van.  Kids don't like to wait.  So we bring my husband's laptop to play a movie.  Now my theory is that his battery works while mine is dying so it only makes sense to bring his.  I said "in theory".  Reality is.. suddenly his computer wasn't working (turns out it was a registry error.. thanks KC for fixing it) and we couldn't play the movie.  After fiddle farting with the darn thing for 10 minutes we gave up and proceeded to load up the moving van... in the rain I might add.  The kids... they sat in their car seats and cried and I mean cried.  We tried talking, we tried cajoling, bribing with babas and food but we ended up leaving them to cry it out.  They eventually fell asleep while the oldest took refuge from the noise into the cab of the moving truck.  (I should point out the vehicles were side by side within hearing/reaching distance of us I never leave my children unattended in a car). 

After we were done, we drove the hour drive to our friend's house where we unloaded out stuff their.  LC thankfully made us dinner.  Still we didn't get home until 9:00 p.m. last night.  So beyond loading some dishes into the dishwasher we didn't do much except fall into bed.  

So this morning I wake up to this......


how does it get so bad?

The disaster of a playroom.  Why do they have to dump every toy they have out?

One messy kitchen....

And K is off to work leaving me to stare at this mess all day.  Of course, I can't stand it so I'm off to clean, clean clean, enlisting the help of E who has discovered the value of money and now offers to do "extra" chores for money.  Thank goodness she doesn't know the different between a quarter or a loonie yet.  10 dines just looks like a lot. 

Stay tuned.........


  1. Eh, just leave it. It's only going to look like that again tomorrow anyway :)

  2. leaving clicky love -I stink at cleaning!

  3. Do not delete them...I am so proud of you!! It is not easy at all to show something that you aren't proud of, but just think how good you will feel when you are able to post the "after" pictures!
    You have won my "Gem of the Week" award for your effort this week. Go to my blog post today and pick it up. Then you can post it in your sidebar (link it back to my site please). Thanks so much! I am proud of you.

  4. Why is house cleaning NEVER ending? Why can't Mary Poppins be real and live in my basement? Ugh. I guess I should just except the pigsty that I live in, and embrace it.


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