Saturday, February 7, 2009

What I really want.... is a Maid!

Can you guess what I am up to? I mean before I began typing this post.  :)   That's right, cleaning.  AGAIN.  We're showing our house again today to the same people that saw the house on Tuesday.  The husband saw it first and now he wants his wife to see it.  Cross your fingers and send up a prayer for us.  We are more than ready to get out of this dumb, I mean lovely, of course, house. 

Fortunately our house has remained relatively tidy since our last showing on Wed.  Still there are dishes to be done, toys to be  picked up, laundry to be hidden.  This is when I start dreaming about having a maid.  She doesn't have to come every day just once a week.  Someone to do the "heavy" stuff.  Remember when, well we don't actually remember when, but we've been told about those days when even poor families had a woman in once a week to "do the heavy stuff" and often had a girl to help during the week.  

Just how did we progress to this point where we have to do it all on our own?  Course, I have the luxury of a dishwasher and washing machine.  I don't have to go beat my laundry against a rock, thank you Lord.   

Reality is I just can't really picture being comfortable having a maid come in.  Can you see me now, rushing around tidying up a little because I don't want her to think we live like pigs.  I wouldn't want her to do my laundry because who wants a stranger to go through my underthings.  (it's bad enough when my MIL decides to "help".  It's always seems to be a day when those period panties happen to be in the wash).  I'd have to clean before the cleaning lady gets here.      

So we tidy up ourselves and try to keep the children from playing with their toys too much and making a mess.  Poor things.  We are, however, in silent mode.  No our kids haven't suddenly grown wings and halos.  My hubby and I are in disagreement this morning. 

We all like our sleep and I think my husband likes his more than most because he gets right growly when the kids keep coming in the room in the a.m.  I get annoyed too and have even been known to yell at them to get out.  I'm not going to embarrass my husband by saying exactly how he lost his temper, it's enough to say he lost it. 

The problem is, I think he should apologize to E and when I told him that he "tchh" me and proceeded to ignore me after that.  Fine.  That's how you hold a discussion, so be it.  I know, we sound like immature 4 year olds.  And that's where it stands. 

We'll eventually go back to talking at some point this day when one of us forgets we're annoyed with the other.  


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