Sunday, February 8, 2009

So do they like it... or not?

Well we got the home feedback through the homefeedback site and yes they like the house... but after all the gushing the realtor did to my MIL their feedback was a let down.

"considering the costs of making changes for in home business.  may consider building ???"

bleep bleep bleep.  :)   So they like it but not enough?  Or they like it but it's too expensive? 

How frustrating is that.  Do you think there still remains some hope that they may decide to buy from us?  

Our house is perfect for their idea.  Plus we're on a corner lot with parking at the side so it's a perfect set up for customers.   They would be hard pressed to find such an ideal set up like this.    

Oh I am so ready to be done with this house for sale thing.   I have realized from being on the selling end of things that I will have way more respect for the viewing other people's home process.  I won't be looking at anything unless we're very serious about it. 


P.S.  That house picture up there.. not my actual house but my dream home one day. :)

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  1. So sorry for the let-down. Hope you can keep your spirits up (and your house clean)!


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