Monday, February 16, 2009

Shoes, Shoes and more Shoes

I love my shoes.  It's a woman thing, I know but we just can't seem to get enough  Shoes.  My problem is that where I live, I am limited as to variety.  Oh there are plenty of shoe stores around but they never seem to have what I want at a price that I want to pay. 

After my first pregnancy my feet were really bad and a friend of mine had recommended Skechers. Skechers; however, were very expensive to buy in my area and I was limited as to style and colour.  

So I was glad to stumble upon this website, Women's Shoes in 2004.  Not only did I find the perfect Skecher sneakers, I also managed to get them with pink trim.  To top it off, they were around $40.00 less to purchase online than buying them locally. Even with shipping costs, I still saved lots of money plus had shoes that I loved.  

Since then I receive email updates now and then letting me know about special sales.  Don’t worry you don’t have to receive the e-mails, you can choose not to be notified of any special offers etc.  I happen to like good shoe deals so I like receive these notices.

I recently had a chance to wander back to their page and must say I spent about an hour drooling over their shoes. They certainly seem to have just about every brand of shoe that I could want in every size, shape and colour that I want.  From Clarks, to Crocs to Dr. Scholls (another pregnancy friendly shoe brand)   I even found those latest Ugg boots.

My favourites are, of course, the summer sandals.  Sandals are my absolute all time favourite style of shoes.  I can’t wait for spring.   Aren’t they gorgeous?

 This webpage is easy to navigate and has a very fast response time.  You can either search by your favourite brand name, by style or by gender. They even have an advanced search feature so you can search by shoe size. This, in my books, is a great feature.  There is nothing like wasting time looking at shoes that don’t come in your size anyways.  You can also sort your viewing page out by how many shoes you’d like to look at and by price so you can stick to your budget. 

There is also a clearance section where you can find fabulous prices on a wide variety of shoes. This is not your typical shoe store clearance section where they have 5 shoes on clearance in size 6.  I found page after page of shoes that comes in my size. (10 in case you were wondering)

Plus there are more than just Women's Shoes.  There's also plenty of styles and selections of Men's Shoes and the shoe love doesn't stop there.. there's boys shoes, girls shoes and even baby shoes and shoe accessories.  Many of the shoes are offered with free shipping so you save even more money.   I have done some price comparison with an online Canadian department store and this page  Shoes is definitely more affordable. 

This is a Canadian company and living in Canada as I do, I find it refreshing to find a company like this.   There are just not enough Canadian companies out there supplying products to us Canadians.  Having said that they do deliver to the U.S. as well  and any order that is under $200.00 US dollars is duty free.  Good to know.

So top reasons to shop at Shoes:

  • Free shipping is offered on most items.     
  • Easy Returns:  75 day return policy.
  • Fast Shipping  This was certainly my personal experience.
  • Items are in stock.  They have a 99% fulfillment rate. 
  • Great Service.
  • This store has been in business since 1990 and online since 1996.

As I said, I have personally shopped online at this store in the past and had a wonderful positive experience.

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  1. Okay, I just went onto their site. My husband wanted me to tell you that you are not helping his cause. :-)

  2. Those Ugg boots look so warm...but they sell Robeez EEK!
    They should sell KaBoogie Shoes....

  3. Cute shoes on that site! Thanks for the referral :)


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