Monday, February 23, 2009

Pics of My Stinkin Good Deal

So these are the beds I bought on Saturday.  We're going to have to do some re-arranging of the rooms so they fit better.  Hubby was anxious to get them set up for bed right away.  They are not pushed together there is at least a foot in between them.  Since J was in a toddler bed before, we put up a railing on the one side just to make sure she doesn't fall down the crack so to speak. 

The girls love their beds.  E's on the far side and as you can see she lost no time in putting stuff into her headboard.  She even categorized her books.. nice ones go here, the ratty ones go here.  *L*

Of course, we get them home and I realize also that we have no twin size sheets.  So we had to use the bigger ones and tuck, tuck, tuck.  E's comforter fits just fine but I'll have to buy J a new one for her bed.  

All in all we are pretty pleased with our purchase. 


  1. Left you some clicky love! Too cute. I am so not ready for my 25 month old to go in a big boy bed yet!

  2. Looks like the deal of the century to me :)

  3. Looks cute! I am clicking! Thanks for doing the same. We really need to stick with this program....

  4. Very sweet...I bet they are thrilled!


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