Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Correct me if I am wrong...

but when you've got an entire house to clean and only 4 hours to do it (with the picking up and dropping off of children at school and feeding them lunch all in there) you do not:
  • start re-0rganizing the storage room.
  • suddenly decide to haul all those decorations that have been hanging around since Christmas to the storage locker 10 minutes up the road. Which requires driving to my store (10 minutes the other direction) to drop off boxes so we can drive back home, fill the van up and then drive to the storage locker. 
  • suddenly decide to finally take apart that large, broken plastic toy and try to jam it back into it's box because we're gonna take it back ($100.00 and it took 2 days for O to break it.  I want my money back!).
  • Oh and in the aforesaid reorganization of the storage room, shift the carpet cleaner which decided to pour out dirty water (filled with vomit from J's latest puke fest on Friday) all over the carpet.  So it stinks in there.  3 hours to showing and my house stinks like PUKE!!! For some reason, water stayed in the hose after K thought it was already cleaned out.  Plus he got a big sliver in his hand because of his madcap reorganization. 
  • clean the walls behind all the furniture.  I'm sorry but no one is going to be pulling the chair out and looking back there!
  • take all the stuff that you're clearing from room and come and pile it into the other room that I had JUST FINISHED cleaning.  Every time I had the kitchen cleared, I turn and find more crap piled up on the stove.  For ME to sort through.  ARGHHH!!  This happened in the living room, the bathroom and our bedroom.  Shazbut
Now, I love my husband.  Bless him for taking the day off and helping me out but men just don't think like we women do.  I'm a little more concerned with covering the basics, like de-cluttering, cleaning bathrooms, the kitchen etc.  Then IF I have the time, I'll reorganize. 

I have; however, learned.  You see we've gone through this a time or two before.  And that's to just let him go and do it because after all it's all things that need to be done... eventually.  I keep my mouth shut and just do my thing.  Sure I may be grumbling inside but at least I'm not grumbling with him. 

Of course, he's gonna have the last laugh on me today because I always tell him that we're going to go to all this effort and it's gonna be some kind of looky loo people, not serious lookers.  Well, the feedback has already come in and it sounds like we might get a second showing out of it.  I guess just the husband looked at it today and he wants his wife to look through it.  It's hard not to get excited because he came sometime between 2:30 and 3:15 and we got our feedback response by 4:18 saying that showing realtor already had a call from him and that he wants his wife to come see the house.  On the other hand, if she doesn't like it.... and we all know who carries the most clout when it comes to buying homes etc, we're back to square one. 

Whatever happens, my house is so clean that it positively glows.  Remember that pretty house post I wrote a day or so ago?  My house is almost like that today sans the knicknacks.  I'm almost tempted to keep the children outside, it's so nice and shiny inside. 

Let's just hope I can keep it up because we are entering upon the house hunting season. 



  1. Man, I do not envy YOU. I can barely keep my house clean for just me, let alone trying to pull it all together for an onslaught of house hunters. I'd be one of those people you see on a home improvement show crying about how no one wants to buy my place. And then the realtor would come in and diss me and my house. And then I'd get a fabulous makeover which would make everyone want my house...but then I'd have to sell the house and not get to live in it. Because I'd be living in a new house, that's just as messy as my old, pre-fabulous home improvement network show makeover house.

    My husband showed me how he cleans kitchen vinyl floor by vacuum. I wish they'd make a vacuum that sucks up spaghetti sauce stains. (Actually, they do: it's called a mop. Husbands are FUN!)

    :-) Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Oh no! I feel so bad for you. See, atleast you get help - even if it's not in the order that would be easiest. My SO decides to just put whats in the wash into the dryer and considers that helping me out. But then clutters his mail and other junk in every room that like you said had just been cleaned! UGH. You are so right saying guys think differently than women! :P

  3. I have noticed that once you get on a roll it's hard to contain your efforts to what's reasonable to accomplish.

    You should post some before and after shots!

  4. LOL That is SOOO me! When I get to cleaning, I can get so distracted by all the other things that need to get taken care of, I've spent all day dilly dallying! Ha!

    Just want to say 'hi'! Saw your blog on Mom Blog. Your blog is great! :-)


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