Wednesday, February 11, 2009

3 Columns, Hooray!

 I now have 3 columns on my blog. I'm looking forward to playing around with it.  I wasn't liking the way everything was piling up on the one side.  

Thanks to Jen at 80MPH for giving me the link to Tips for New Bloggers. Definitely a page to check out and put in your favourites.  I am a complete newbie at editing html and while I didn't get it figured out immediately, I did manage to tweak things and get my columns up in 30 minutes, without losing my gadgets etc.  So I'm pretty impressed.  

Oh and be sure to check out Jen's snazzy new blog makeover.  She usually has several contests and lots of fun Link below to a video on her page. *L*

Oh and yes the Valentine page will be coming down soon.  


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  1. I love the three columns! I want to do it, too, but I'm too scared to attempt it - what if I lose all my posts?! ACK. ;-)


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