Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Panties or Underwear?

Okay, this has got to come under the most weirdest post ever and no I'm not being pervy or x-rated.... or at least I don't think I am.

This was a late night conversation with hubby (he loves to bring up these strange conversations right as I'm falling asleep). He starts with... "what would you think if I said you had sexy panties?" I'm like... what? At first I'm thinking okay he wants to know if I'd think he was a perv and thing he wanted to get into my panties (literally) if I heard him say that. So I'm all like cautious and say "well it depends on the context of the situation at the time." and I'm thinking who has he been talking to and what has he been saying now.

Apparently, he was listening to the local radio station (you can imagine my relief) well as local as we can get to the next big City near us, and apparently they started discussing the terminology of Panties vs. Underwear. APPARENTLY, saying panties is a big NO NO. APPARENTLY, women get all freaked out if men say the word panties and instantly assume that the man is a pervert or worse a pedophile.

Ummmm.... am I living on a different planet or even possibly a different country? Since when is the word panties offensive or perverted and how did it come to be termed so. I was somewhat kerflummoxed and my husband swears up and down that not only the female radio host was ranting on the male host to stop saying panties but also their female listeners were calling in furious with him and that they wanted to punch him in the mouth every time they heard him say panties.

So if that is truly the case.... I have a wee confession to make. We use the word panties all the time. Most of often it refers to my girls' underwear because my big ol mom underwear just doesn't seem panty like anymore. I don't think it's offensive or perverted. I have probably made about one billion panty references in my life. It's always been men have underwear (or ginch) and girls have panties. Panties just sound more feminine don't they? Why else to they call it panti-liners. They don't call it underwear or ginch liners. Heck, even on Sears' webpage when you look up women's underwear it's under... intimates then panties. Can a big corporate company be so wrong? (a little facetiousness there.)

Am I living in a bubble? Or is it just the "big city folk" who freak all over things like this. What's next... pajamas instead of nighties?

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  1. I agree it does sound more feminine to say panties he he great post it was a good read for me! I've added your link to my blog & I hope to read more from you soon! Erika.

  2. We call them underwear, and I definitely associate the word "panties" with a more sexual context. In fact, the p-word does make me uncomfortable.

  3. I'd never even thought of it. When saw where you were heading with the post I stopped reading and thought about it for a second... I've always associated panties with women's unders, and underwear with men's....

    Mostly my kids call them underoos as I tagged them as such when they were little and it seems to have stuck.

    I'll have to watch myself I guess. There's nothing worse than walking about being offensive and not even realizing it!


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