Monday, January 19, 2009

Good Grief

Mommy:  "E, I'm so sorry your fish died."
E:              "I'm sad that Goldie died.  I'm gonna miss him."
Mommy:  "I know sweetie."  patting E comfortingly.
E:            "Can we get a turtle now?"
Mommy:  "Uh no sweetie we can't get a turtle."

I swear that was our conversation.  It sounds almost familiar somehow like I read it in a mag, you know the ones that post those funny things kids say.  Just goes to show that kids are universal. 

So no we're not getting a turtle.   I can't get those kids to wash their hands consistently after going to the bathroom never mind adding a turtle into the mix. At least with the fish they just feed it and it does it's own thing.  I do not need any more poop in my house.  

Several hours later, E told me she wanted a horse.  Do you think she's catching on?  You know, ask for something really big and then maybe she'll get the turtle afterall? 



  1. lol, she is very smart! I say let her get the turtle.... but of course I say that because turtles are my fav. ;)

  2. Yup the distraction and ask for something bigger trick always worked for me!


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