Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Family Tree

It's going to be my parents 40th wedding anniversary on February 14th.  Yeah, I know.  Valentines Day.  Apparently, according to my mother it was not planned that way.  They wanted the church for the Friday prior but it wasn't available so went for the next weekend which ended up being V.D.  er that doesn't look so great abbreviated.

Anywho as I was saying my parents 40th is coming up.  Now my mom has absolutely 100% vetoed, kaiboshed (sp?), forbidden and all out pooped upon any idea of a shindig.  So pressures off right?  No!! Cause I'm a good daughter.  I want to do something for them that doesn't totally fall under the category of lame. 

Option #1:  Send em to Reno by bus.  Ooops forgot about the new passport laws.  We (meaning Canadians) can no longer step foot over the border sans passport.  (Notice the french I threw in there?  It's a Canadian thing)

Option #2:  Send em to a Hockey game.  Oops  all the Canuck games have been sold out for the past two years.  I can buy them tickets if I sign up for some membership thing and buy somebody season ticket holders tickets for a game at the price of $217.00 a pop plus fees and taxes yada yada yada.  

Option #3:  Take em out to a swanky restaurant sans (again with the French) my 3 children because hey they're still at the let's crawl under the table and explore stage.  Never mind that swanky restaurants don't even have crayons.  

Option #4:  Have supper at my brother's house. Either cook or get it catered.  HMMM that has more possibilities but does it fall under the lameness category? 

So... so far I've got this (see pic above).  I just ordered if off of Ebay and I'm going to do our family tree.  Hopefully.  Maybe.  We'll see.   Don't sound too confident do I?  You all know how tough it is juggling kids, work and projects.  So it's a we'll see. I'm gonna give it my darndest and hope for the best. 

Cha cha cha


  1. I think having a dinner at your brothers house would be nice. It has tons of possibilities, I'm sure you could figure out somethings cool to do. And this way if people just want to kick off their shoes they can.

  2. Thanks. My new new idea is maybe to do just appetizers then the pressure is off to do a whole swanky meal. HMMM. Zeemaid


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