Friday, January 23, 2009

Check it Out

First I just want to ask... how on earth do people design such cool blog graphics? Are they stealing it or do these people have some kind of design abilities that I need to learn? All my graphis are stolen er borrowed. (I do always make sure I check before I borrow) =) I'd love to have a cool title blog across the screen.

Anyways, I'm bumping along browsing through some blogs and I came across the Parenting Pink Blog. Pretty neat blog, cool blog graphics but what I liked most is this one particular blog about how a messy house is actually a good thing. Read it here.

Turns out I shouldn't stress about cleaning so much after all. A cluttered house actually stimulates the creative flow. No wonder my E is so creative. Because my house continues to remain cluttered despite my best efforts.



  1. Oh, how happy I am that you posted this - :) I've been organizing for the past week, and am so sick of it! I'm not even half way done. UGH. Thanks for this! :) :) :)

  2. Well thank you for that! I feel soooo much better now, and not quite so guilty about the little messes around the house LOL

    I like your blog!

    Please check out my Aloha Friday question at:

    thanks & have a great weekend!


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