Wednesday, May 14, 2008

On the Cusp

I've been wanting to delve into writing a novel. I've been thinking about it for years. Have made some attempts at it in the past but with work and everything I got so far and then stopped. It didn't help that my file suddenly got corrupted and I'd lost everything I'd written.

I have tons of ideas for a story but I stumble over the lines. I analyze the phrases and how to say it a million times before I move in. That is my biggest stumbling block. I think I'm trying to get it perfect the first time around. I need to let go and just write. Not pick each line apart.

I've been reading a lot of Nora Roberts lately and it's been inspiring me to try again. I have rarely met a more versatile writer. She has a basic formula for most of her books in how she lays out the story but the stories themselves are varied and extremely imaginative. She's the kind of author I find myself looking for the trilogies so I can finish each one. I literally gulp down the stories. It's just pure good escapism entertainment.

My poor children. I neglect them for books. Some times I seriously think I need to give up reading. I just love it so much. Another of my favourite authors at the moment is Debbie Maccomber and Susanna Kearsley. I am currently re-reading Mariana. I just love it. If only I could write a 1/4 as well as they do, it would be enough.

I think one of my biggest stumbling blocks is that I'd start and find out I have no talent for it. It's easy to dream when it's still a possibility. Still my husband has faith in me and my talents. He's always telling people how talented he thinks I am. He may be biased but his opinion should account for something.

The other stumbling block, is research. That is a very daunting task. I just want to jump in and write, not do research on names and places.

So I say, on the cusp because I jotted down a basic story outline last week and this week actually set up my laptop and began expanding on the plot and character details and did some initial research online. It's not much but it's a start. So I may get there. Only time will tell.

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