Wednesday, April 9, 2008


So we survived the big city. Mostly thanks to my inlaw's handy little GPS. Worked great, most of the time. What the little bugger doesn't know, is that it is virtually impossible to make a left hand turn on some streets. By the time it had re-directed us 3 times back to one of those impossible left hand turns, we were ready to huck it out the window with a ... "HERE, you turn left!" with lovely little visions of it being smashed to smithereens. It was really odd too, we'd change our route trying to find out way to a light or something, it'd recalculate tell us take a particular street say King street, then it'd tell us to get off King string onto Queen street. Well Queen street was this dinky little street you could barely drive a single car down never mind two only to get to the cross road we needed to turn left on... we'd look right and there was bloody King street with a nice great big light signal there. Why oh why did it redirect us onto Queen? I have no freakin idea, only this happened at least 4 times yesterday.

Other than that, I love the GPS thing. If we ever plan on doing a serious road trip I'd like to get one.

So the tests were good. I have made some improvement and some foods have been added back into my diet. The ones that I am most excited about are prawns, oysters and lobsters. YES!! I still can't do dairy, flour or red meat but I am finally able to have red potatoes. So that's good. They were surprised at how much better my blood looked so that was good to hear. All my hard work to eat properly etc. has been worth it. You're blood can't lie!

It was nice being away from the children for the day. They missed us though. I could tell because my son was upset when I went to work this evening and usually he's a pretty good about it. (he's the 11 month old) I just wish we had had some time to do some exploring and maybe even spend a night out but it's hard asking people to do that level of babysitting for you for a long period of time.

Today we went to LC's house. She's a great friend. Kidless but she gets what it's like having children. She's totally okay if my kids come over and make a mess at her house. She expects it and doesn't get uptight about. She actually invited us over to make cookies or rather attempt to make cookies modifying a recipe to only ingredients I can eat. See what a good friend she is, she was even willing to destroy good chocolate in an attempt to find me a decent cookie recipe. She even bought an excellent quality of chocolate for the attempt.

So we tried it and it turned out to be pretty runny. Thinking that I couldn't do butter, she had added olive oil to the mix. Yup, olive oil. Which is pretty strong tasting but you'd think molasses would have toned down the flavour. Nope! Not one bit. I suggested we add oatmeal to the batter to thicken it up a bit and then chill it. It worked not too badly so we or rather my girls plopped cookies onto the tray and we cooked them. They looked wonderful. That perfect brown colour that chocolate chip cookies should have. They even smelled alright. But when you bit into them, all I could taste was olive oil. My girls liked them and ate two sizable cookies. LC even had two but she confessed it was mainly for the chocolate. Which was true, if you ate the chocolate chunk parts it wasn't half bad but I just couldn't get past the olive oil taste. I have some ideas up my sleeve to try another attempt. Next time I'm going to combine butter and coconut oil and see how that plays out.

I have looked online at various celiac sites for recipes but the problem is that I can't have sugar or potato starch or corn flour etc.. so I found it be annoying to to actually sift through recipes that I can use. I just don't have all that much time to spend online.

So it's back to the drawing board but at least we had fun and a nice chance to visit and have tea.

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