Thursday, April 10, 2008

To Post or Not To Post?

I have a feeling that these blogs are going to be completely boring. I mean not much really happens in the life of a stay-at-home mom who works nights. Okay, does that really count as being a stay at home mom? I don't know but it should. I spend the entire day with my children and only miss their last 2 hours of the day before their bedtime. That's pretty much a fulltime mom in my books. Anyways, other than writing about what the latest thing my 2 year old flushed in the toilet or who embarrassed the shit out of me at the department store, life is pretty predictable. Raising children is not rocket science nor is it all that entertaining. How many times can YOU laugh over some cute thing someone else's kid said?

That really reinforces my theory that "real" reality t.v. would be completely boring. Who really wants to sit and watch me as I type my blog, cook dinner, wipe my kid's snotty nose. Eww gross did I really pick my underwear out of my butt on t.v.? Even my fav Kat & Jon plus 8, they don't sit and film them every day. They pick out events in their lives, going to the July 4th parade, going to the dentist, pumpkin farm etc... If they filmed Kate dealing with the kids everyday all day and then Jon coming home at night, do you think as many people would watch it? I sincerely doubt it.

Maybe if my day was creatively edited, like when I had to pick my two year old's poop off the floor because it was dropping out everywhere like rabbit turds and I had no time to run for kleenex because I was trying to make sure my 11 month old didn't touch it or even worse eat it. That would be kinda funny. (Did I mention that I also happened to step on one before I noticed what had happened YUM) At least it was to my husband when I told him about it later. Or when my 4 year old (then 18 months) some how found poster paint and painted herself, the carpet and left a lovely little handprint on the back of the door. I knew she'd been too damn quiet. To this day, I have no idea how she found the paint. Fortunately she was naked and I can still picture her cute little tummy covered in purple and brown paint. The funniest part was probably me. I was hysterical. I was literally freaking out because of the carpet. We'd just moved in and my in-laws lived downstairs and I could just imagine what they would say when they found out I "let" this happen.

So yeah, a few events in my life could possibly be entertaining enough for t.v. but I rather doubt it. Most of our personal life events are only entertaining to ourselves.

However, I do have to say though people today seem to have an almost unhealthy need to spy on other people's lives. Is it envy or just a need to escape our own boring lives?

When I first started this blog I had all sorts of rants I wanted to post but once I've thought them out and then actually get a chance to post it, I seem to lose it. So in the end, I'm not sure how long I will carry on posting. It would be nice to think some one else is interested in what I have to say but I doubt it.

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