Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I feel Better

Well, I feel better after my last rant. The next day I woke up in a much better mood and spent some necessary time just playing with my children. Needless to say I didn't get much done that day but in a way I did. My older daughter and I had a wonderful time creating a paper jungle while the little ones napped. All of us spent some serious time outside playing since we've had a change of weather and just all around had some fun.

Of course, that little niggle of guilt tried to jump in when my husband came home. Jane had a blowout in her pants (decided not to use the potty), he's having to deal with a poopy, squirmy 2 year old and wanted to be able to just throw her dirty pants in the wash but, of course, I had clean laundry in there and dry clothes in the dryer so he was a little peeved. Then the baby wants to crawl through all the while I'm trying to finish cooking supper so you can see where it got a little tense there for a moment. Murphy's law, it would have to happen on the day I left laundry in the machines! I have to admit though, I was pretty glad it was him and not me cleaning up the ****. :)

Ah the joys of potty training. We had transitioned from diapers to pull-ups when we thought she was pretty much on the ball with knowing when she has to go but she ended up becoming dependent on the pullups and stopped going potty again. So I have had to throw caution to the wind and just put regular underpants on her and let her at it. I realize this is the recommended way to potty train (except according to Pampers or Huggies *LOL*) but when you have 3 children, you do not have extra time to be mopping up puddles. So we have at least one wetting a day and we have succumbed to bribing with a treat. We are almost out of treats that's working so well. Now if we could just get 100% we'd be laughing. I am so not looking forward to potty training my son. We've been through 2 girls, I won't have a clue with a boy now.

We had a really good time this last weekend. We had to go grocery shopping and didn't want to leave the kids with the grandparents. Figured we had leaned on them too much lately so we decided rather than go to our usual grocery store we'd head out of town about a 45 drive minute to P.A. and shop there. It was around lunch time by the time we got there so we took the three children to a Chinese restaurant. They had a Sunday buffet there. Well normally we are very reluctant to actually eat at a nicer restaurant and mostly stick to fast food like Mc Donalds. However, we have sworn off Mc Donald's. I'm following a special diet and the last time we got it for my husband and the kids (a salad for me) it was disgusting. Every time you tell yourself, it will be better but it's just not. I can't eat for thinking about how bad all this garbage is for me. Anyways, the kids were as good as gold and better. The three of them sat as nice as you please, ate their food, didn't chase after us when we went up the buffet to get their food. Even the waittress asked us if the baby was always this good. He just smiled and flirted with her like crazy. We were so impressed with our little guys and made sure they knew it. The oldest loved it so much she asked if we could go there again next week. Of course, now she knows there's jello and icecream for dessert good luck getting her to eat any regular food if we go again. You can only really get one over them once.

They were pretty good grocery shopping too so maybe we are doing something right afterall!

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